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code lisp plagiarisme

it's a lisp code for detection plagiarisme it's simplie and efficient it have also an exemple so you could test it have fun ...

Handwriting copybook print program

Print handwriting can set their own copybook, and has the following features: ① rich: provides word, m-Word, back squares, Tian Gongge, Mi Gongge v-form option. II the flexible layout, and 18x20,16x16,10x8 and other page layout choices, or you can define your own ③ You can s...

online polling system in php

This is a online polling system where voters can cast thier votes online without the headche of going to the real polling booth....

Enumerate Printers

Enumerate printers, comment in the specific operating procedures, is a text document. Some example code DWORD Flags = PRINTER_ENUM_FAVORITE |   PRINTER_ENUM_LOCAL; //local printers DWORD cbBuf; DWORD pcReturned ; CString str; DWORD Level = 2; TCHAR Name[500] ; LPPRINTE...

Easy language the default options to manage multiple printers

The default options to manage multiple printers, application programming, good references. For easy language to learn for children's shoes, to the management of systems and equipment is an important part of learning, learn through the source code and debug, intuitive and simple to acquire the releva...

Printing in VC++6

hi in this study you can find how make a tex ediror and sending information to printer....

Delphi invoicing procedure

This is a Delphi6 prepared general invoicing procedure, can be used for all kinds of financial system of invoicing....

Placing a text inside a line with multiple curves

This article is to demonstrate the technique of placing a text inside a line with multiple curves. This is not my code, I'm just sharing it....

Print button and date picker in SSRS reports for non-IE browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

Translated by  maninwest@Codeforge  Author:Shashidhar Rao Nellutla @ CodeprojectIntroductionSQL Server Reporting Services ReportViewer control has some limitations in non-IE browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. Some of these limitations are:Print button is not visible.Date picker is not...

Print string "hello" PHP

Application background <? echo "Hello Word"; ?> Key Technology This code about to display string with php code. This code use php ekstention. About this is php_short_tag to enable....


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