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Beidou signal GOLD code generation

By two 11-gold code generator generates two spectrum GOLD sequence, by adding two generators of different tap new gold series, which needed the Big Dipper PN sequence...

To obtain the latitude and longitude

By calling the Baidu map to obtain the latitude and longitude, map, location, search function need to BMapManager management, BMapManager provides four interfaces...

Baidu map API location search POI

Application backgroundThis source is about Baidu map API design. The main for Android Mobile Maps app developers, this code can help developers greatly improve development efficiency and can give developers the necessary improvement and help, magic weapon of choice in mobile map developers ~! ~...

Collected on the map of the script source code

Application backgroundContains three files that cannot be included...

Accidentally down to the GPS version of the CS program, you can learn the code is worth collecting

Application backgroundAccidentally down to the GPS version of the CS program, you can learn the codeOnly local SqliteDB...

PTZ satellite antenna automatic star search system based on 51 MCU

Application backgroundBased on 51 MCU satellite antenna turntable automatic search star system, the GPS positioning module, electronic compass, angle sensor for real-time sensing control PTZ rotating, automatic positioning satellite...

nmea GPS header file gr-87

this code manufactered for any nmea gps module and specific for NMEA gr-87 GPS module. it is a new c code for make a Header file from and excute the program from . It is covered query mode and rate out put time u can configure the module by example NMEAGPSInit("Time,Date,Lat,Long,S...

Comparison of Wiener and the power inversion

Wiener filter and comparison of the power inversion, MATLAB source code, successful simulation ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .......

RTCM arranges the decoding source program

RTCM SC104 standard from international shipping radio technical Commission (Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services) in November 1983, the GNSS differential signal format. Here is his codec source code...

LCD GPS ___ATK-NEO-6M GPS module

Including program source code, the ATK-NEO-6M GPS module user manual, schematics, and official documentation, related software, very suitable for beginners to do development...


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