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Android reading txt novel

Realization of reading txt novel, full output text, search for SD card, open the txt novel Txt novel Reader is a multi-functional mobile eBook reader. It supports popular eBook in TXT format file to withhold support for large text reading, but support page button , Auto scroll reading,...

Android simple Notepad

Android  simple   Notepad  androideclipse  new record   delete record   edit notebook...

Android phone reservation system

Android phones become more common, and phone reservation system can help merchants and customers a varied à la carte, settlement. Source code is divided into a la carte, clearing, menu display sections....

Android application source novel reader project

This project is a novels reading device project, built-in has three deduction, and dream, and shot carved hero biography, and days Dragon eight Department four novels, click novels name can turned jumped to specific of chapters, click chapters can turned jumped to reading page, reading page not that...

Android wireless ordering source code

This is an Android client of wireless ordering, providing mutual research exchanges, the source code is divided into two parts: client and server, using the Tomcat deployment server, MySQL database is used, the client code has comments...

android system buletooth transfer source code

Android based on Bluetooth file transfer applet, includes WIFI features such as searching, connecting, testing, writing specifications, and chat messages transmitted using UDP protocol, file transfer using the TCP protocol  ...

android phone network

Achieve android network client,13. The network transmits audio data played through the AudioTrack class.14. Local recording audio data via AudioRecord class.15. Play the video stream in a local data package, you can extract bitmap, and then display. Because the system does not provide a direct metho...

Android music player

In the process of learning the Android, you need to practice, this simple music player, simple music player can be implemented by writing code, practice knowledge of Android, including service, Contentprovider,activity and other important information....

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