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Android video calls with PC source code

This source code implements the video calls effect between Android and PC. In the same LAN, after configuring the IP, Android can turn on the camera and take pictures, then transmit pictures to PC end. It can also perform simple Android video surveillance. ...

[Android] phone data to a computer (WiFi)

side IP address and Port number,The second stage, after the first picture is read, in the presence of buffer,Then use outputstream output to the Server side.Finally, because we used network transmission, So remember add INTERNET permission to xml.AndroidManifest.xml...

File transfer in the same WIFI


Send/Receive using Bluetooth (Android)

tooth device management interface provided on the Android platform, the smart phone blue-tooth adaptive can easily communicates with the Bluetooth module on the joint angle detection device and receive and display the data.The login screen is for user login. User can choose his private Bluetooth dev...

Andrews video surveillance + pc server

Android version of the video surveillance client, get video source information through the network, to play on the tablet or phone...

Bluetooth android 4.0 app, connect data transmission

space:nowrap;">android 蓝牙4.0 app,实现连接 数据传输,此功能非常完善,希望给大家带来方便...

Android Augmented Reality (augmented reality) the source engine with AndAR +Markers

space:nowrap;">Android Augmented Reality(增强现实) 目前是当下的一个热点,但该领域还远没有发展完善,应该还算比较初期, 大公司还没有真正进入,未来一定会有很多创新机会,以及相应的商机。上传的源代码,我认为是一个较...

android dmc

size:16px;">Under the Android device media control point implement and control multimedia push to play DMR realizes playing interface displays that could be used for Android system equipment....

Social chat APP source code for sale (+Demo)

Due to dissolution of the original founding team, external system to sell the source code for this product. First, the APP development in 2013, creative ideas, and interaction patterns, UI patterns were falling behind, so APP than we would have to sell the idea. Second, the APP projects without appl...

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