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File transfer in the same WIFI

This source code implements the file transfer between terminals and PCs in the same WIFI....

Android---OA Office source code APP source code

Application backgroundAndroid---OA Office source code APP source code, recently saw a lot of friends in the search for mobile OA Office source code, I will be finishing up, which is a complete mobile OA office system source code, download to run directly!Key TechnologyThis is a complete set of mobil...

Send/Receive using Bluetooth (Android)

The smart phone side APP is a blue-tooth controlled software developed on Android. With the UI management mechanism and blue-tooth device management interface provided on the Android platform, the smart phone blue-tooth adaptive can easily communicates with the Bluetooth module on the joint angle de...

Andrews video surveillance + pc server

Android version of the video surveillance client, get video source information through the network, to play on the tablet or phone...

Android Augmented Reality (augmented reality) the source engine with AndAR +Markers

Android Augmented Reality (augmented reality) now is one of the current hot spots, but the developments in the field was far from perfect, is still relatively early, Big companies have not really into, There will be many opportunities for innovation in the future, as well as the corresponding...

Bluetooth android 4.0 app, connect data transmission

Bluetooth android 4.0 app, connect data transmission, this function very well, we hope to bring convenience...

android dmc

Under the Android device media control point implement and control multimedia push to play DMR realizes playing interface displays that could be used for Android system equipment....

Social chat APP source code for sale (+Demo)

Due to dissolution of the original founding team, external system to sell the source code for this product. First, the APP development in 2013, creative ideas, and interaction patterns, UI patterns were falling behind, so APP than we would have to sell the idea. Second, the APP projects without appl...

Android-based home networking applications

Developed based on the Android client, using J2EE analog IOT off, via the Andriod platform provides a friendly interface for users of the mobile terminal,Household appliances and furniture security Intelligent remote monitoring and control facilities. Main features of the mobile terminal: 1, air-con...

Hikvision video real-time control DEMO source Android

Application backgroundKey TechnologyDEMO inside the camera preview, screenshots, turn left, turn right, and other functions...

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