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Android program based on WiFi and STM32 microcontroller communication

Application backgroundNow smart home is very fire, many are based on WiFi technology, this time if you use a mobile phone control is very convenient, because we know that our mobile phones have WiFi function, you can use the mobile phone control, and do not need a remote control. Android application...

Hikvision video real-time control DEMO source Android

Application backgroundKey TechnologyDEMO inside the camera preview, screenshots, turn left, turn right, and other functions...

Face recognition (camera) Android Studio project

size:14px;">Face recognition (camera) Android Studio project, very easy to use, we want to help!...

Android-based home networking applications

size:16px;">        基于Android开发客户端,使用J2EE模拟物联网关,通过Andriod平台移动终端为用户提供友好操作界面,对家用电器及家具安防设施进行智能远程监视与控制。移动终端主要功能有:1、 ...

APM source code, ArduCopter3.2 is used to compile Arduino

size:16px;">APM3.2版本的源代码,ArduCopter3.2 ,可用arduino编译,基本是全部了,可以参考后自行发挥,挺不错的。...

Use SurfaceView drawing 3 wave formsin one view in real time in Android

space:nowrap;">本原码实现,在Android中利用SurfaceView在同一视图中实时画3个波形图, 每个波形还画出了波形基线,基线可以手动调节,也可不用调节,自动中线 实现了波形图的实时显示...

Android client access Web servers implement a log function


Android4.3 Bluetooth 4.0 demo

height:24px;font-family:Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">android系统必须为4.3以上,手机支持蓝牙4.0,该项目已实行了蓝牙设备搜索,配对,连接,发现服务及特征值,断开连接等功能,参考官网地址:htt...

Android campus one-card system

space:nowrap;">android校园一卡通系统,经典案例 android校园一卡通系统,经典案例 android校园一卡通系统,经典案例 android校园一卡通系统,经典案例 android校园一卡通系统,经典案例...

Android Bluetooth 4.0ble

Latest technology low-power Bluetooth search, discovery, paired features such as true! Detailed code comments, Bluetooth low power good information...

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