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Transmission of ECG data Android Bluetooth serial drawing small program

Andriod 2.2 Bluetooth serial Protocol to transmit a small example program. You can find Bluetooth devices, establish a connection, transmission and draw the waveforms of ECG data.If you want to test, please have your Bluetooth adapter supports Bluetooth virtual serial port driver is installed on the...

Android ordering system

Android ordering system, very easy to use, good for code porting or to self study, very good code for every one. Welcome to download and share. Thanks for supporting....

Android FTP source code

Android FTP Source code,  for FTP client development on Android, support upload and download....

Android hero video convert source code

Mobile video calling can be achieved using file inside the package, please outline in your code when using, realize the effect of video calling between Android phones, within the same local area network, configuring IP,android-end you can open the other cameras to transmit images to the PC side, sim...

Multifunction android sliding scale

After running click the menu key or click on the upper left corner of the menu was built, the pop-up dialog box, select the unit offers four dynamic changes, then slide your finger left and right values​​,...

WebRTC video source demo

WebRTC video source demo, you can compile and run, requires Android4.0 or later to run....

Android imitation Micro message circle of friends

Android imitation Micro message circle of friends, content using simulated data. The comment, praise, image content and other functions. The realization of the basic UI Micro message circle of friends, the details still need to be yourself....

Indoor positioning system for simple fingerprint acquisition

Application backgroundIn the indoor environment can not use the satellite positioning, the use of indoor positioning technology as a satellite positioning auxiliary positioning, to solve the satellite signal to reach the ground is weak, can not penetrate buildings. Finally locate the position of the...

Smart home system source code

Application backgroundSmart home allows users to more convenient means to manage the home devices, such as the touch screen, handheld remote control, telephone, Internet to control home appliances, more can be implemented in a situation, so that the formation of multiple devices linkage; on the othe...

Android Bluetooth call examples for indoor positioning can be seen

Application backgroundAndroid call the example of the Bluetooth ble scan, the results can be used to ibcone positioning...

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