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Indoor maps based on WiFi

Indoor map based on WiFi Indoor map based on WiFi Indoor map based on WiFi Indoor map based on WiFi Indoor map based on WiFi Indoor map based on WiFi Indoor map based on WiFi Indoor map based on WiFi Indoor map based on WiFi Indoor map b...

Mobile transit system source code

Transit system built on the Android system functions: (1) route queries, let users get more information contains a bus this bus car, sending car time, routes, etc. (2) Web query, allowing users to get more information after query site of all buses. (3) access to bus after two full bus information si...

Android video recording

Android video recording, Red5 video live broadcasting and recording, done using Juv-client-client.jar function of the mobile phone sends the live video to a Web page....

Bluetooth thermometer Android client

BLE low power Bluetooth thermometer, supports simultaneous measurement of multiple thermometers, accuracy can be set, synchronization time, real curves and graphics; contains the complete source code, directly into ready to use. Even slightly intelligent thermometer is an electronic sensor to measur...

Android file transfer

This is a simple implementation of Android, download files from the server-side, multi-threaded to achieve file transfers and resuming capabilities. First is the PC acting as a server, and then phone a Android client can allow file downloads...

VPN Android for VPN connectivity

Implementation on Android platform called VPN connection to the server's virtual network...

XMPP-based chat

Main functions of chat communications, through the account login user, you can add friends, one-to-one chat, group chat, create groups, send pictures, files. Need to Openfire server has been configured to use.  ...

Speex eliminate echo examples

1. echo cancellation is after the Mic captured the sound, a local play back sound in the sound data collected from Mic eliminated, making Mic recordings Voices only the local user's voice. Traditional way of echo cancellation using hardware, integrated DSP chip in the hardware, as I U...

Android's drawing board

Function:1, to draw a line (Pen), erase (Eraser), Clear (Clear).2, Undo, Redo function.3, save, load handwriting (Stroke).4, pen color.5, the background color of the drawing board.6, brush, eraser size.7. Select the painting scene pictures....

Android electronic dictionary

MDict is a cross-platform, open platform for electronic dictionaries, software does not provide Dictionary data itself, but using user-created dictionary data. Dictionary software features:There are a large number of users into making online dictionaries are available for download, including Wikiped...

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