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Resembling samsung Launcher

It implements the loop sliding and sliding effects of samsung Launcher. Modify the drawing method of Canvas in the dispatchDraw function in the

Wechat payment source code sharing

The wechat payment demo made by myself! Hope it will help you guys!...

Android's drawing board

Function:1, to draw a line (Pen), erase (Eraser), Clear (Clear).2, Undo, Redo function.3, save, load handwriting (Stroke).4, pen color.5, the background color of the drawing board.6, brush, eraser size.7. Select the painting scene pictures....

Android electronic dictionary

MDict is a cross-platform, open platform for electronic dictionaries, software does not provide Dictionary data itself, but using user-created dictionary data. Dictionary software features:There are a large number of users into making online dictionaries are available for download, including Wikiped...

IP Camera Source spydroid-ipcamera-master

IP Camera Source spydroid-ipcamera-master,Use your Android phone camera network monitoring...

Android wireless ordering system

Based on the BS model, an Zhuoduan host server, corresponding ordering operation, database using mysql, using jdk1.7, an Zhuoduan function modules include ordering, change a table, query, open the table, settlement, such as single function of audit....

APK Android end smart home program

The program smart home Android mobile phone control code to run correctly, interested friends can download a reader...

Bluetooth_4.3 BLE蓝牙通信

Bluetooth_4.3 BLE Bluetooth communication...

APM source code, ArduCopter3.2 is used to compile Arduino

APM3.2 version of the source code, ArduCopter3.2, compiler available Arduino, basic is all, you can reference themselves after play, very good....

Indoor positioning system for simple fingerprint acquisition

Application backgroundIn the indoor environment can not use the satellite positioning, the use of indoor positioning technology as a satellite positioning auxiliary positioning, to solve the satellite signal to reach the ground is weak, can not penetrate buildings. Finally locate the position of the...

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