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Smart home system source code

Application backgroundSmart home allows users to more convenient means to manage the home devices, such as the touch screen, handheld remote control, telephone, Internet to control home appliances, more can be implemented in a situation, so that the formation of multiple devices linkage; on the othe...

Curriculum FOSS

Android learning curriculum development, not perfect, but involve Street, several new points are difficult to know....

Android tourism

Android application source code in accordance with the established non-small blessed fandesadashenfandesafandesa van der SAR plays pick up trash huh Oh who p-Edwin van der SAR aircraft of the pultrusion of Lhasa is about waste powder will be issued less intense Carrefour salad sub sub sub aircraft w...


Using the database, such as ListView, show details of the student information management system, very well prepared on how to add data, stores data to a database, as well as view, delete the data....

蓝牙开发例子Android 4

Android Bluetooth 4 development example, a bit of code online at present can find more difficult, this was simplified, refer to the Android description of the API is very easy to understand...

Android speech recognition

Android voice recognition software code that calls the system voice control voice recognition code....

JD Android APP source code

This is an imitation of the  Android APP version of the source code, comes from the community, all the functions are there, very suitable for beginners to refer to the study....

Android Wifi hotspot created with connection

Recent projects require the use of knowledge based on WIFI hotspots to transfer files, write a small program, used to quickly create and connect hotspot....

Android client access Web servers implement a log function

Server + database + An Zhuoduan Android client access Web servers, implement a log function....

Android instant messaging software source code

Application backgroundAndroid instant messaging software source code, including all third party library   directly compiled to run!      Key Technology###1. Architecture Overview###2. module####2.1 protocol encapsulation and workflow#####1) protocol and task encapsulationA. proto...

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