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Android electronic dictionary

created dictionary data. Dictionary software features:There are a large number of users into making online dictionaries are available for download, including Wikipedia, you can make your own thesaurusSupport to query multiple dictionary fileSupport for in-click on WordSupports picture dictionary con...

IP Camera Source spydroid-ipcamera-master

size:16px;">IP摄像头源码spydroid-ipcamera-master 用你的Android手机摄像头实现网络监控...

Android wireless ordering system


APK Android end smart home program


Students ' attendance system (PHP+MYSQL+android)


RFID on the Android card read and write APP

Application backgroundAndroid RFID card reader, can read and write the contents of each block, the calculation results, the data back to the server or exported to SD card. (Android4.2 Development)...

Android phone reservation system

Android phones become more common, and phone reservation system can help merchants and customers a varied à la carte, settlement. Source code is divided into a la carte, clearing, menu display sections....

蓝牙开发例子Android 4

size:16px;">Android上蓝牙4.0开发的例子,网上目前能找到的一点代码比较难懂,这个进行了简化,参照Android 的API说明很容易理解...

Resembling samsung Launcher

It implements the loop sliding and sliding effects of samsung Launcher. Modify the drawing method of Canvas in the dispatchDraw function in the

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