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Android program based on WiFi and STM32 microcontroller communication

Application backgroundNow smart home is very fire, many are based on WiFi technology, this time if you use a mobile phone control is very convenient, because we know that our mobile phones have WiFi function, you can use the mobile phone control, and do not need a remote control. Android application...

The most complete imitation micro channel APP source code, a single chat group chat circle of friends, the client / server, iOS/Android.

Application backgroundThe IM system is completely based on Tiagse , and the main functions are: Android, iOS and server, can support including text pictures, voice and other information form, the system uses the mature XMPP protocol 6.5+Jdk1.8+mysql5.6+mongodb3.0.1+Tigase7.0.2+Redis3.03+ Nginx1....

Android AMR audio decoding

Android recording AMR decoding, JNI decoding, using the underlying code way will use audio compression and decompression to reduce the bandwidth, using 8000 bit_16, single channel...

Android, WIFI, GPS positioning based on base station collection source

Collection Android, WIFI, GPS positioning of base stations Combines GPS, WiFi, base station location. GPS positioning GpsTask first class returns asynchronously GPS latitude and longitude information...

Android Remote Viewer source code

Android VNC into Server and Viewer. Users need to VNC Server after you install on a computer controlled Terminal, can be performed on the master side VNC Viewer control is control. VNC server and VNC Viewer supports a variety of operating systems, such as Unix and windows,Linux,MacOS series (...

Android campus one-card system

Android campus one-card system, the classic case Android campus one-card system, the classic case Android campus one-card system, the classic case Android campus one-card system, the classic case Android campus one-card system, the classic case...

Android music player

Very good code. Welcome to download. Will be able to help you quickly learn to use only, and practiced hand. Simple and robust....

Bluetoothchat source code

This is based on the classic Android API development on Bluetooth communication API, including how to use the API, pairing, connection, communication (major is an example of serial communication), have a very good guide for beginners....

Android phone and PC file transfer

File transfer between PC and Android phone, simple software...

Texas holdem poker hand

Popular in Europe and Texas hold ' em, this is JAVA game source code for reference, I hope to help wanted to develop this game, mobile game Texas Holdem source code, including server + Android code +IOS codeNot personal development, the company has developed, have operated on the line. The use of ja...

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