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Android file transfer

This is a simple implementation of Android, download files from the server-side, multi-threaded to achieve file transfers and resuming capabilities. First is the PC acting as a server, and then phone a Android client can allow file downloads...

Speex eliminate echo examples

1. echo cancellation is after the Mic captured the sound, a local play back sound in the sound data collected from Mic eliminated, making Mic recordings Voices only the local user's voice. Traditional way of echo cancellation using hardware, integrated DSP chip in the hardware, as I U...

Android phone and PC file transfer

File transfer between PC and Android phone, simple software...

android phone network

Achieve android network client,13. The network transmits audio data played through the AudioTrack class.14. Local recording audio data via AudioRecord class.15. Play the video stream in a local data package, you can extract bitmap, and then display. Because the system does not provide a direct metho...

Android address book

Android address book source code, use the packages are kept well and does not need to be repackaged. drawable-hdpi,drawable-ldpi,drawable-mdpi,drawable-xhdpi,drawable-xxhdpi,layout,menu,values ... Classification is clear...

Imitation IQIYI Android app,the best Android learning materials

Imitation IQIYI Android clients, realize the picture scroll, multi-screen tags, code can increase the list; Android's  code is more mature,This is a very good introductory training Examples can be used as a learning and on-the-job  training; if you want to make the officia...

Real-time acquisition of mobile phone camera video source code

Application backgroundThrough this source code to achieve real-time view of the network camera image. Test success, 720 very process....

Android photo viewing, video playback

Android, set photo viewing, video playback, WebView plugin with demo code, feel good UI Android, set photo viewing, video playback, WebView plugin with demo code, feel good UI Android, set photo viewing, video playback, WebView plugin with demo code, feel good UI...

Android application source novel reader project

This project is a novels reading device project, built-in has three deduction, and dream, and shot carved hero biography, and days Dragon eight Department four novels, click novels name can turned jumped to specific of chapters, click chapters can turned jumped to reading page, reading page not that...

Android Speex Ogg encapsulated

Voice recording and compression is achieved through Speex encoded using Ogg encapsulated, well, ask price small size...

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