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Bluetooth 4.0 high-value realization

Implements Bluetooth automatically open, disconnected, the device is connected and off.The source code to run in android4.0 above, this source is what I do when the use of smart devices, can be a good run....

Scanned images on the picture to read the text message

Scan pictures read the text on the picture information, directly extract the imported project can. By choice or photo to read out the information in the picture....

android launcher

自己写的一个最简单的android launcher,可以在eclipse上面测试一下,还可以进行修改让这个launcher成为唯一的launcher,代码比较简单,易懂。...

Weather forecast

Weather forecasts, similar to ink the weather forecasts of the weather app! Code structure is worth learning!...

Android-based music player

Based android music player, to achieve basic music player, lyrics download, desktop widgets, etc....

Android Bank

This is Android Banking Code Using that You can manage All Banking Stuffs. And You can find your Monthly Statements and all...

Secure SMS Transfer on android platform

SMS (Short Message Service) is a widely used service for brief communication. Occasionally the data sent using SMS services is condential in nature and is desired not to be disclosed to a third party.SecureSMSMessaging is a Messaging application which is meant toprovide this service through which on...

About android gesture examples

A simple gesture android application, using gesture of the most basic usage, this project will introduce a bit...

Shake recording pens

This is a sensor by shaking recording applet. It is suitable for beginners, already on my phone via debugging. Has been successful. We just want to contact the Android development benefits....

Grouped Drag the top custom ExpandableListView

Project custom ExpandableListView, achieve a similar QQ scalable ExpandableListView, guaranteed entry has been at the top of the parent class fade effect...

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