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Channel switching

Application background This project is used for channel change. You may use THXTuneUp app which supports excellent sounds effects. To do so, you have to control the volume of left and right channels separately. This project enables you to switch left/right channels. Yo...

Near reminder

Near reminded, for example, to reach a position to remind...





Contact fetch

This is a android application developed to fetch contacts from android mobile and displaying it on a list view in android application. This will help other application if they need contacts of user mobile. they can use it for loading contact and perform task if he wants some....

Brew Clock

An app on android that is a timer for brew a pot of tea . You can setup the time of brewing. You can choose start or pause or stop. When stop button is clicked, the timer will be refreshed to zero. enjoy it!...

image upload

upload your image to computer ...

hard button

disable all operation on phone ...

intent test

intent earn:on Activity ResultComponent NameIntent.EXTRA STREAM,...

Contact Integration

Contact book integration with Android. shows contact list with there detail. Use listview control, Content Provider and basic concept of list for getting Contact list of device....

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