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Brew Clock

An app on android that is a timer for brew a pot of tea . You can setup the time of brewing. You can choose start or pause or stop. When stop button is clicked, the timer will be refreshed to zero. enjoy it!...

image upload

upload your image to computer ...

hard button

disable all operation on phone ...

intent test

intent earn:on Activity ResultComponent NameIntent.EXTRA STREAM,...


Vaccination for birth babes and all data synced to local calendar accordingly alerts will generate....

Super List

Well, if you are familiar with using the ListView to display a simple list from an Array and looking to enhance the display with a custom layout then here is an example which will covers most of your needs. In this example we cover the follwing topics....

a little game of maze

android maze game source code, this does little game. There are all the source code for all learning exchanges....

Tic Tac Toe game

It's a simple android game developed at initial level of android game development, user's can fun with this game and developers can learn how to do game at starting level....

Opening slide

Smart slide switch,, can easily achieve the switch on and off...

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