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android launcher

自己写的一个最简单的android launcher,可以在eclipse上面测试一下,还可以进行修改让这个launcher成为唯一的launcher,代码比较简单,易懂。...

Android photo browser

With dozens of image rendering/image filter effects, including pixel-level rendering, or cast a special mask effects to images. Disadvantage is the rendering speed is not very good, needs further improvement....

Android Bank

This is Android Banking Code Using that You can manage All Banking Stuffs. And You can find your Monthly Statements and all...

Shake recording pens

This is a sensor by shaking recording applet. It is suitable for beginners, already on my phone via debugging. Has been successful. We just want to contact the Android development benefits....

Grouped Drag the top custom ExpandableListView

Project custom ExpandableListView, achieve a similar QQ scalable ExpandableListView, guaranteed entry has been at the top of the parent class fade effect...

Android-based mobile phone software-looking for a bathroom

Urination is a problem that everyone may encounter, however, fighting back in a strange environment nature looking for a toilet but also the many people who have had the embarrassing experience. Of course, marked hardships to find the toilet, let more people easily find, is no better than that. So w...

Video player

Application backgroundA video player software, using Vitamio framework, can play videos on the Internet and local video support, modify the definition, and sound, fast forward and rewind! Source code simple and easy to understand! DEMO will play a Android learning video...


public class MyBroadcastReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver { @Override public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) { String action = intent.getAction(); Bundle bundle = intent.getExtras(); String extra = (String) bundle.get("F2key"); if (action.equals("com.jb.action...

Mobile noise monitoring

Noise monitoring program this program is based on the Android system, to achieve a mobile noise monitoring, have been tested on the real machine....

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