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Shake recording pens

This is a sensor by shaking recording applet. It is suitable for beginners, already on my phone via debugging. Has been successful. We just want to contact the Android development benefits....


count down timer example main example . Try to look at it as a starting point. It is very basic example I hope it helps...

Scroll view

Android popular scroll view Demo programs, described in detail how to implement a simple scrolling the view, as well as some notes, through the code, beginners can master how to make a scroll view...

Hotel housekeeper complete source code

Application backgroundThis is about the hotel service app, can be a national each city of the hotel reservation, according to the conditions to find out to meet your requirements of the hotel.Key TechnologyComplete land registration system, positioning, search, tabhost, Carrousel viewpager, viewpage...

Business and share source code - Bora medicine

Application backgroundTest account: 123456abcTest password: 123456A medical consultation project, the function is complete and normal operation, there are users of the drug's comments,The relevant medical information news and so on, have you can learn about.Key TechnologySource code:...

Channel switching

Application background This project is used for channel change. You may use THXTuneUp app which supports excellent sounds effects. To do so, you have to control the volume of left and right channels separately. This project enables you to switch left/right channels. Yo...

pro android 这本书的配套实习代码,非常好的例子

pro android internship this book matching code, a very good example of...


" Android-based tutorial" in the book with source code, you can easily learn from the book when manually typing error when comparing source code can also be downloaded as a separate entry-learning....

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