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UDP broadcast test procedures

UDP broadcast test program, a c # of broadcast end, a Java of response end, main is used to do automatically addressing features of a early test program, principle is such of, c # end through according to since defines of port paragraph, put itself of IP address and monitoring of port as information...

UDP broadcast testing Qt examples

UDP broadcast test examples of Qt, Qt programming, the whole procedure, the client and server, using a timer to send. Easy to learn, for getting started....

SuperSocket communications

UNIX System I/O Set of commands from Maltics And command evolved out of the earlier systems, the pattern for the opening of a Read / Write a closing ( open-write-read-close ) 。 In a user process I/O When you do so, it...

creating holes in server

Create a server and cumulate with this source! You will create some holes to have more space in your server! Good luck with this code! I hope is useful for you!...

NDK HTTP Download

Direct HTTP protocol using Socket By formatting the request headers can easily be achieved continue where it left off and check for updates feature ....

OPCClient simple sample

This is the OPCClient simple sample OPCClient simple sample   OPCClient simple sampleOPCClient simple sampleOPCClient simple sampleOPCClient simple sampleOPCClient simple sampleOPCClient simple sampleOPCClient simple sampleOPCClient simple sampleOPCClient simple sampleOPCClient simple...

node check server

if u want check connected wireless node, u can use it.   it can check many node that connected ur server.   good luck...

Chat by Ethernet

Enc28j60 is an ethernet IC which transmits and receives the data  over ethernet. You need just a microcontroller (the one we used is  ATMEGA 16), enc28j60 ic, a Magjack (the one we have used is DR-  RJ45IM from embedded market). ...

NRF24L01 reception procedures

NRF24L01 reception procedures for communication between host computer and slave computer, usually used in single-chip. This Protocol can provide a great serial communication....

serial port network trans

========================================================================        MICROSOFT FOUNDATION CLASS LIBRARY : serial port ======================================================================== AppWizard has created this serial port application for you.  T...

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