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WinPcap and MFC-based port scanner

Network scanner to achieve TCP connect,TCP SYN,TCP FIN,ARP scan, ICMP host Discovery-Network Scanner, realize TCP connect, TCP SYN, TCP FIN, ARP scan, ICMP host found...

TCP/IP Ethernet communications

Implementation of TCP/IP server network traffic, set the network IP and port number, click on the link, you can send the characters you want to send...


Improvement based on TORA routing protocol in Ad hoc network routing algorithm for wireless sensor network...

Area connection GPRS

SIM300 GPRS capabilities, data sent from the SIM300 is sent to any place where you can connect to the network. Not only English, but also to support Chinese. If SIM300 insert phone card calls, traffic, most important calling card mobile Unicom cards, Telecom cards are not supported....

View the list of system TCP/UDP

Tcp View view the TCP link and can be turned off, view the list of system TCP/UDP...

hangman game

This is the source code for the game Hangman. The communication between the client and the server and enter the ip and port number. You can also add multiple simultaneous access to the client....

Cell zooming in cellular network and its performance analysis

software required for this project ·         NS2 simulation tool  running  on  platform UNIX (or Linux). ·         Select VMware workstation option installed ·  &nbs...

Generic Stream encapsulation

When a network device sends a message, the message will take the form of a packet. Each OSI model layer adds a header to the packet. The packet is then covered with some information directing it onward to a destination Analogous to the address on a letter in which the actual message is carried in...


Android use socket to send data to PC,PC-end socket receives and displays. File list: Socket_Server\.classpath   .............\.project   .............\.settings\org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs   .............\bin\TCPDesktopServer.class   .........

AntNet Protocol for NS 2.33

This protocol is used for ns2 simulations using antnet. Antnet is a biological network protocol to find the shortest path out of multiple paths from source to destination nodes. How ants find the food in nature without central control, a node can also find the path....

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