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Simple chat program using CAsyncSocket / C++, MFC / TCP/IP

VC++ version of chat, including Server + client source code, peer to peer chat program, operation starts after the server default port 0, after client startup set the appropriate parameters....

Sfp to Eternet transfer data

Code for ML-605 xilinx board, with extention board S14-S (4sfp ports). Project for transfer data from optical line to sfp-module to rj-45 ethernet and receiving on PC. Using Virtex-6 Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC Wrapper.PC1 (Ethernet)-> media converter (1,25Gb/s) -> optical line -> sfp-module(1,25...

Socket-based chat program

Program is socket, based on tcp / ip protocol chat program. Excellent service and client, start the server listening port, port and IP address of the default program. Open Client, a registered user name, fill in the server IP address and port, login into the chat interface....

Modified AODV

The  modified AODV  (R-AODV)   protocol  discovers  routes  on-demand  using  a  reverse route discovery procedure. During route discovery procedure source node and destination node plays  some  role  from  the  point &n...

Rndomized AODV

Randomized Ad-Hoc On-Demand Routing (R-AODV) protocol. During the route discovery process, every intermediary or router nodes between the source and the destination nodes makes a decision to either broadcast/forward the RREQ packet further towards the destination or drop it. Before forward...

How to create random/dynamic topology in ns2

The dynamic topology can be created using rand function in Tool Command Language (TCL) script with fixed number of nodes. The nodes can be deployed in the area of X*Y. Each node is assigned with a random location within X*Y using rand function. In dynamic topology, the neighbors of each node vary wi...

Malicious nodes in NS2 encoding

Application backgroundmalicious node creation in mobile ad hoc networkKey TechnologyTCl Script coding, Network Simulator tool Ns2, maobie adhoc network...

C # woman voice chat

Application background 보이스 채팅이 가능합니다. TCP/IP를 이용한 보이스 채팅이 가능해요. ㅇㅏ마도 그렇겠쬬? 근데 문제는 C#이에요 저는 씨플플이 필요하거든요. 그럼 받으세여 잘. Key Technology 똑같은지 어떻게 아...

IEC104 source code

Application background The Protocol Source Code Library can be used to facilitate customer protocol implementation on Slave (RTU, IED) or Master (SCADA, Data Concentrator, Front-End processor) devices. The Protocol is packaged as a set of ANSI standard "C" routines which can be incorporated onto a...

Copy the motion of water molecules

This is a Unity3D project, he can mimic the movement of water molecules, the state of water, there are four, the fourth time when you can click on the water molecules interact .q, w, e, r, can switch the four states of water. Also wrote udp, you can switch with ipad...

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