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Malicious nodes in NS2 encoding

Application backgroundmalicious node creation in mobile ad hoc networkKey TechnologyTCl Script coding, Network Simulator tool Ns2, maobie adhoc network...

C # woman voice chat

Application background 보이스 채팅이 가능합니다. TCP/IP를 이용한 보이스 채팅이 가능해요. ㅇㅏ마도 그렇겠쬬? 근데 문제는 C#이에요 저는 씨플플이 필요하거든요. 그럼 받으세여 잘. Key Technology 똑같은지 어떻게 아...

IEC104 source code

Application background The Protocol Source Code Library can be used to facilitate customer protocol implementation on Slave (RTU, IED) or Master (SCADA, Data Concentrator, Front-End processor) devices. The Protocol is packaged as a set of ANSI standard "C" routines which can be incorporated onto a...

Copy the motion of water molecules

This is a Unity3D project, he can mimic the movement of water molecules, the state of water, there are four, the fourth time when you can click on the water molecules interact .q, w, e, r, can switch the four states of water. Also wrote udp, you can switch with ipad...

Send Email without attachments in the finalized version

Of Email communications using TCP/IP protocol features, you can add a send to friends in other functions, but owing to the limited technology, features that do not send attachments. Code using the c programming language, primarily knowledge and understanding of methods and rules governing the use of...

Written in VB example TCP communication, a simple chat

Written in VB example TCP communication, simple chatting, using a winsocket control. Currently only supports communication between two machines....

TCP chat program

Using TCP protocol chat program, quite simply, is divided into client and server written in c language. GCC compile on a Linux system to use, does not have a graphical interface...

QT how to obtain your computer's IP address and other network information

How to get your computer's IP address and other network information involves networking modules (QtNetwork Module) QHostInfo, QHostAddress, QNetworkInterface QNetworkAddressEntry Qt4Access to the machine and Infor (252.05 kB) QT for example multithreaded programming Qt4The multi Thread programmin (2...

TCP programming SOCKET client

Application backgroundBased on the Win32 framework for the preparation of TCP socket client, the server with the specified support TCP link link, accept the server to send the message, can also be specified server to send them to edit the data. Code is simple, suitable for beginners SOCKET programmi...

Use Python to get the OID MIB information, grab snmptrap

Application backgroundAs a result of the work, the specified oid SNMP information is required to obtain the specified warning information sent by the server....

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