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Description (English): (Hint: At least 100 characters. Please do your best to describe your project in details. Better content will gain much more points for you)...

php . pxoxy5 server

Source Code Version 0.5b2 - January 20th 2007Latest Version: 2002-2007 Abdullah ArifContact_____________________________________________________________________Email: and Bug Reports____...

traceroute source

Traceroute based on Linux source code, simple and practical, traceroute can be used to implement routing monitoring function....

TCP server

TCP server response procedures and client requests; Transmission Control Protocol (English: Transmission Control Protocol, TCP) is a connection-oriented, reliable transport layer protocol based on a byte stream, defined by the IETF RFC 793. In a simplified OSI model of computer networks, it complete...

Netwoprking Tools c#

This Project demonstrates the use of Class Library from huge library collection of c# .net. it helps in diagnosis of network problems and also contains simple downloader...

Test for Do

lease do your best to describe your project in details. Better content will gain much more points for you) ...

Io Completion Socket Server

This is using IO Completion Port Socket that handle incoming connections from client. Io Completion Port is highly scalable and multiprocessor technique for creating highly scalable server. highly scalable, multi-processor highly scalable, multi-processor...

IO Completion Port Client

This is using Io Completion Port technique to make connection with server. Io Completion Port if highly efficient technique for client server programming....

Wireless Sensor Neworks codes

Codes for simulating simple Wireless sensor network. For wireless networks, carrier sensing and related activities (for example binary exponential backoff) are done by ns-2's own built-in MAC and PHY layer classes - you do not need to bother with it at all. You have to worry about your own...

UDP client program

Imports System Imports System.Environment Imports System.Net Imports System.Net.NetworkInformation Imports System.Text Public Class Form1     Private Sub cmdConnection_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdConnection.Click    ...

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