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TCP-based hospital Queuing procedure

Based on asynchronous TCP, in which multiple threads, compressed within both client-and server-side source code, can be used for simple examples reference...

Network gobang

Network gobang include client, server-side, using the c++ language, MFC framework built figures, drawn by the CDC, interactive uses the TCP protocol, CSocket Sockets programming, first configure the IP on the server side at the beginning, and the port, as well as the client IP address and port numbe...

Wireless ad-hoc network routing protocol dsdv

Wireless ad-hoc network routing protocol dsdv is another routing protocol --dsr wireless ad hoc networks, wireless ad hoc networks usually another two agreements aodv, comparative study dsdv its properties....

TCP heartbeating

top:0px;padding:0px;border:0px;list-style:none;word-wrap:normal;word-break:normal;line-height:21px;color:#323E32;font-family:simsun;font-size:14px;white-space:normal;background-color:#8A7C55;"> 判断对方(设备,进程或其它网元)是否正常动行,一般采用定时发送简单的...

Serial debugging assistant VC program

Is serial debugging assistant more programs ... Has a lot of features, easy to add new functionality, you are welcome to download. Don't know to everyone whether it is useful....

View the list of system TCP/UDP

space:nowrap;line-height:1.5;">view the list of system TCP/UDP...

fast-tcp ns2

size:16px;">快速TCP仿真NS2。你可以下载并部署在NS2模拟器。FAST TCP(也写作FastTCP)是一种TCP拥塞避免算法在长距离,高延迟链路特别是有针对性的,在网络实验室开发的,加州理工学院,现在被商业化FastSoft。 FastSoft是在2012年收购...

Telnet vc realize

TELNET automatically log a loom, the preamble, the username and password you need to modify the program. Wireshark capture by using the TCP protocol to obtain the preamble preamble may refer telnet protocol...

AODV Implementations

Please note: All through all source codes are free for anyone for downloading, we do need this mechanism (points) to encourage people to share out more source code projects so that everyone can get more valuable codes eventually. We are putting a lot of effort on maintaining all the codes for you. W...

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