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C # communication program

The TCP/IP asynchronous communication programs written in c #, with server and client programs, source code, using asynchronous callbacks are implemented....

Test for Do

family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">租赁做你最好要描述您的项目中的详细信息。更好的内容将会为您获得更多积分)...

creating holes in server

Create a server and cumulate with this source! You will create some holes to have more space in your server! Good luck with this code! I hope is useful for you!...

Chat by Ethernet

align:left;"> Enc28j60 网络接口是以太网的传输和接收数据的 IC 以太网。你需要只 (的其中我们使用的是一个微控制器 泰文 16),(的其中我们使用的是博士-Magjack enc28j60 网络接口 ic 从嵌入式市场 RJ45IM)。...



client-server port programming in c# language


simple wireless simulation in NS2

This code is just for demonstrating the basic simulation of wireless network using Network simulator(NS2). DSDV routing protocol is used and ...

IP domain name Analyzer

We know that the Internet is a worldwide consisting of integrated computer and communication networks in General. Even between two computers on a network and communicate with each other, they transmit packets will contain certain additional information, this additional information is actually the ad...

5_Internet Example Edition

size:16px;">我们展示了互联网和HTTP / HTML基础概念:这个例子和导师5节课将向你介绍互联网和印套接字和库在一个单独的方法。那么,什么是印套接字和TelnetTCPSocketServer TTSS?Indy.Sockets(VCL)是支持客户端,服务器,TCP,UDP,原始...




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