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client-server port programming in c# language

client server communication in c#  client-server port programming in c# language this project write with c# to help us what write a communication ports with other....

web clinet

this is a code example for avr and enc28j60 this example you can on and off 2 led via httml and send string to avr to show on lcd....

node creation

this file contains the information of how to achieve QOS in wireless sensor network. which has explanation of AODV routing protocol. By using this routing protocol we find out the shortest path between source and destination. The AODV is an on demand routing protocol. which gives the information whe...

Pro Hellow word.txt

Pro Rs CommunicationRS-232 is the most common serial interface and ships as a standard component on most Windows-compatible desktop computers. RS-232 only allows for one transmitter and one receiver on each line. RS-232 also uses a Full-Duplex transmission method. Some RS-232 boards sold by National...

Energy Model in NS2

For the enrgy model in ns2 we hanve toc change in files so that we can simulate enrgy model in ns2.For this and aodv.h files are modified and in tcl script we have to mention model as energy model....

Fingerprint command system

Application background code to access fingerprint udp channel and allow root commands to be executed bypassing the systems authentication and control systems, alllowing users to change passwords,  Key Technology arm fingrprint system based on qt4 althought converting to normal c++ s...

Energy efficiency of basesation

Application backgroundThe rising cost of energy and increased environmen- tal awareness have sparked a keen interest in the development and deployment of energy-efficient communication technologies. The energy efficiency of cellular networks can be increased significantly by selectively switching...

AODV 60 node work

Application backgroundThe Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing algorithm is a routing protocol designed for ad hoc mobile networks. AODV is capable of both unicast and multicast routing. It is an on demand algorithm, meaning that it builds routes between nodes only as desired by sou...

Folding wireless sensor network protocol

Application backgroundthis is flooding protocol in wireless sensor nework.In classic flooding, a node wishing to disseminate a piece of data across the network starts by sending a copy of this data to all of its neighbors. Whenever a node receives new data, it makes copies of the data and sends the...

Realization of watchdog

Application backgroundImplementation of watchdog helps to identify the nodes which are misbehaving in the wireless network using NS2.34  Key TechnologyThe above implementation of watchdog is done on AODV routing protocol, Which helps to send the data packets in secured manner....


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