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water meter collector testing demo

 water meter collector used for verify water metet protocal ,tcp/ip transmiting producing and data exchang. it is good for you project as reference and be quickly promote it to market, good luck for you. Concentrators for meter testing had been completed in the background verify is now in volum...

Socket-based chat program

Program is socket, based on tcp / ip protocol chat program. Excellent service and client, start the server listening port, port and IP address of the default program. Open Client, a registered user name, fill in the server IP address and port, login into the chat interface....

Rndomized AODV

Randomized Ad-Hoc On-Demand Routing (R-AODV) protocol. During the route discovery process, every intermediary or router nodes between the source and the destination nodes makes a decision to either broadcast/forward the RREQ packet further towards the destination or drop it. Before forward...

Malicious nodes in NS2 encoding

Application backgroundmalicious node creation in mobile ad hoc networkKey TechnologyTCl Script coding, Network Simulator tool Ns2, maobie adhoc network...

Copy the motion of water molecules

This is a Unity3D project, he can mimic the movement of water molecules, the state of water, there are four, the fourth time when you can click on the water molecules interact .q, w, e, r, can switch the four states of water. Also wrote udp, you can switch with ipad...

Send Email without attachments in the finalized version

Of Email communications using TCP/IP protocol features, you can add a send to friends in other functions, but owing to the limited technology, features that do not send attachments. Code using the c programming language, primarily knowledge and understanding of methods and rules governing the use of...

C # communication program

The TCP/IP asynchronous communication programs written in c #, with server and client programs, source code, using asynchronous callbacks are implemented....


Description (English): (Hint: At least 100 characters. Please do your best to describe your project in details. Better content will gain much more points for you)...

Netwoprking Tools c#

This Project demonstrates the use of Class Library from huge library collection of c# .net. it helps in diagnosis of network problems and also contains simple downloader...

Io Completion Socket Server

This is using IO Completion Port Socket that handle incoming connections from client. Io Completion Port is highly scalable and multiprocessor technique for creating highly scalable server. highly scalable, multi-processor highly scalable, multi-processor...

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