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web clinet

this is a code example for avr and enc28j60 this example you can on and off 2 led via httml and send string to avr to show on lcd....

node creation

this file contains the information of how to achieve QOS in wireless sensor network. which has explanation of AODV routing protocol. By using this routing protocol we find out the shortest path between source and destination. The AODV is an on demand routing protocol. which gives the information whe...

Realization of watchdog

Application backgroundImplementation of watchdog helps to identify the nodes which are misbehaving in the wireless network using NS2.34  Key TechnologyThe above implementation of watchdog is done on AODV routing protocol, Which helps to send the data packets in secured manner....

Voice calls and Internet chat

Application background I had spent long times to develop program for voice and text calling. But it was difficult because hole punching is black hole. UDP or TCP hole punching is very difficult to do, because there are many many kinds of NAT devices and servers, gateways and firewalls,...

C# system process acquisition

Application backgroundSimple implementation of the current process of the system, including the process name and process PID...


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