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SSH login register based systems

This is one based on SSH login registry system framework, if the landing is successful, go to success.jsp, if it fails to jump to error.jsp. Mainly used Struts,Hibernate,spring's knowledge, this is a simple SSH based systems. Using javaBean and HTML knowledge....

Content based image retrieval

Problem Motivation Image databases and collections can be enormous in size, containing hundreds, thousands or even millions of images. The conventional method of image retrieval is searching for a keyword that would match the descriptive keyword assigned to the image by a human categorize...

college time table

A college timetable is a temporal arrangement of a set of lectures and classrooms in which all given constraints are satisfied. Creating such timetable manually is complex and time-consuming process. By automating this process with computer assisted timetable generator can save a lot of p...

Invoicing system

Analysis of functional modules: basic data maintenance module Product information, suppliers, customers, employees, and other basic parameters settings. Procurement management module Commodity purchasing inventory, purchase return, forward/reverse documents and current stock transactions, managem...

Online Bookstore project

Project Name: Online Bookstore  Project Description: You can (use conditions) query book information on the books for next page, query and modify the shopping cart, realize checkout operation.  Key technologies: MVC, JavaSE, JDBC, Servlet, JSP  Technical Difficulties: General page,...

Android pedometer

Android pedometer, developed under Java course design through many test results test accurate one simple interface part of the main focus on algorithms...

open vpn for android

android connect to vpn source How To Build Put the prebuild openvpn binary to "assets/openvpn" then: Method 1. Build with android soure tree # under root of android source tree source build/ breakfast `your device model` cd `OpenVpn folder`...

Written in JAVA simple airplane games

Written in Java applet a dozen aircraft, the internal structure is relatively simple, suitable for beginners to learn to use. flyingobject principal realization set plane or bullet, game category for the program main algorithm, newpanel for the main game interface....

Struts2+spring+mybatis be in place of the empty frame

In order to facilitate our development and development speed, the resource is struts2 + spring + mybatis build good air frame, suitable for beginners, you can quickly build up a ssm project....

Lab equipment management system Java Edition

(1) the storekeeper statistical device inventory in the warehouse, find the equipment inventory is low, fill in the application form for purchase, leading to review this application, approved, purchases report to purchase.(3) the warehouse administrator registration of equipment purchased, registere...

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