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Spellathon code

Create an app for the puzzle game “SPELLATHON”.Spellathon is a quiz game where you are given a fixed alphabet and some variable alphabets. Your task is to make words using the given alphabet where the fixed alphabet has to be included in all your words.To have to make a game Spellathon where you...

Car rental system

Car rental system with the Eclipse development platform, Oracle database, split the two roles in the system--the customer role, the Administrator role, which customers can find information and rental car, while administrators can update information about cars, you can delete from your customer infor...

Shopping Carts in Java

Online shopping cart based on MVC using Struts framework in J2EE with implementation of AJAX and JSP. ...

Android based on WiFi file transfer applet

Android based on WiFi file transfer applet, includes WIFI features such as searching, connecting, testing, writing specifications, and chat messages transmitted using UDP protocol, file transfer using the TCP protocol...

Attendance Management System

This code project is the Online Attendance Management Sytem using Java and microsoft access. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support!...

Online airline reservation systems MYSQL database based on Java

Online air ticket booking system based on Java, is based on Mysql database and user management can be achieved, hair stations and arrival of query, order inquiry system!...

OBDII resolution Android port source code

Android port OBDII resolved source, Android Terminal app development. This code connects OBD-mainly implements the Android Bluetooth, then send and receive various commands....

Hotel Management System

This Hotel Management System suites all task regarding hotel customer services.Basically stores customer's information, monitor's check-in and check-out time, monitor's food chargers and extra charges, records all food type ordered and it also room reservation for a certain guest....

Bluetooth 4.0 Android APP program source code

This code for the Bluetooth 4.0 data transmission An Zhuoyuan code, you can establish a connection with any Bluetooth 4.0 module and communication, regardless of the radio Bluetooth, you can establish a connection and communication, and you can select the data transmission mode, same LightBlue and a...

Recommended JAVA source code

Recommended system source code in JAVA development, products can be used directly. System is based on collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm by computing user similarity, picks the closest neighbors for recommendations, accuracy is quite good. Fully functional, tested use the MovieLens dat...

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