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All the implementation of collaborative filtering algorithm

This is collaborative filter algorithm direction recently papers mentioned of method all achieved, including based on memory (SLOPE-ONE, based on user, based on items, joined time, joined trust), based on model of (PMF,BMF), file including various algorithm, is we seniors established of a collaborat...

Hotel Management System

This Hotel Management System suites all task regarding hotel customer services.Basically stores customer's information, monitor's check-in and check-out time, monitor's food chargers and extra charges, records all food type ordered and it also room reservation for a certain guest....

SSH+mysql integrated development Bookshop online bookstore

This WEB project, is a perfect integration of the Spring+Strusts+Hibernate these three frameworks, using here MySQL database, which provides a simple Bookstore example, can be built on the basis of this project based on the framework of these three...

Bluetooth 4.0 Android APP program source code

This code for the Bluetooth 4.0 data transmission An Zhuoyuan code, you can establish a connection with any Bluetooth 4.0 module and communication, regardless of the radio Bluetooth, you can establish a connection and communication, and you can select the data transmission mode, same LightBlue and a...

Cinema ticketing system JAVA

It's a simple movie theater ticket management system, developed using Java language, use NetBeans to open, SQL databases, suitable for beginners to learn.  ...

Recommended JAVA source code

Recommended system source code in JAVA development, products can be used directly. System is based on collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm by computing user similarity, picks the closest neighbors for recommendations, accuracy is quite good. Fully functional, tested use the MovieLens dat...

Online shopping system (JSP+MySQL+Tomcat) (1)

Description: online shopping system (JSP+MySQL+Tomcat) (1), online shopping systems (JSP+MySQL+Tomcat) (1) + latest implement shopping with new, back with new data to the front, implementing a shopping cart into your personal shopping cart to realize payment by using SSH2...

Hospital outpatient management system

This hospital outpatient management system is used Oracle database, using Java language for prepared of, achieved of function including doctor of login, and created patients records, and change patients records, patients of login, and registered, and cancellation, and appointment doctor, query atten...

Network teaching platform

Application backgroundThis system is a set of network teaching system based on Internet. Through this system, teachers can facilitate the management of operations, management courses, upload operations and other operations, students can easily learn, interactive communication, download the job. The...

Netty+spring MVC

Research does not apply on Web application development with Web container, while improving communication efficiency, currently only JSON data returned normal page analysis has not been completed...

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