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Online shopping system (JSP+MySQL+Tomcat) (1)

Description: online shopping system (JSP+MySQL+Tomcat) (1), online shopping systems (JSP+MySQL+Tomcat) (1) + latest implement shopping with new, back with new data to the front, implementing a shopping cart into your personal shopping cart to realize payment by using SSH2...

Triage queuing

Application backgroundResource description...

SSM project combat

Application backgroundSSM framework interface combat, although not beautiful, but the function is complete, suitable for beginners...

Netty+spring MVC

Research does not apply on Web application development with Web container, while improving communication efficiency, currently only JSON data returned normal page analysis has not been completed...

Online Examination system

Online Examination system is an online application to host a series of tests of objective questions, This project is divided in two modules student and admin where admin can manage students,questions,subjects etc. Other general facilities are also there. Whole project is embedded with session tracki...

All the implementation of collaborative filtering algorithm

This is collaborative filter algorithm direction recently papers mentioned of method all achieved, including based on memory (SLOPE-ONE, based on user, based on items, joined time, joined trust), based on model of (PMF,BMF), file including various algorithm, is we seniors established of a collaborat...

JAVA online mall, using SSH framework, many functions directly.

JAVA online mall, using SSH framework, many functions directly. Find information online, and now share with you, and hope to all of us.If you would like, then I passed some kind of source code, see the atmosphere here is good, come on ~...

LDA topic models

Retriever extraction and segmentation of Chinese content, LDA code according to the LDA topic model for topic distillation of Chinese Web page, and ended Chinese text display for several distributions of the theme....

E-store system Struts2+jqueryeasyui

E-commerce system based on Struts2+jqueryeasyui language development. Front office functions including: registration, login, merchandise display, and so on; back-office functions including: product management, user management, system settings, and more...

Androidwifi Registration System

Based on the android wifi attendance procedures need to be registered for the first time, after the sign of the need to register to use relatively simple, the implementation process in the android mobile hotspot, as long as the server can be connected to the development of sign...

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