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Online airline reservation systems MYSQL database based on Java

Online air ticket booking system based on Java, is based on Mysql database and user management can be achieved, hair stations and arrival of query, order inquiry system!...

ModbusRTU protocol Java call serial equipment

Java version of the modubus implementation. With the document and test class. The source code is open source. ModbusRTU protocol Java call serial equipment.File description:1, source code2, doc3, RXTXcomm.jar, seroUtils.jar: jar based runtime package4, modbus4...

Cinema ticketing system JAVA

It's a simple movie theater ticket management system, developed using Java language, use NetBeans to open, SQL databases, suitable for beginners to learn.  ...

JAVA online mall full set of additional source

Application backgroundJAVA online mall full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA...

All the implementation of collaborative filtering algorithm

This is collaborative filter algorithm direction recently papers mentioned of method all achieved, including based on memory (SLOPE-ONE, based on user, based on items, joined time, joined trust), based on model of (PMF,BMF), file including various algorithm, is we seniors established of a collaborat...


The following program is directed to medical diagnosis of disease. developed in JAVA...

Androidwifi Registration System

Based on the android wifi attendance procedures need to be registered for the first time, after the sign of the need to register to use relatively simple, the implementation process in the android mobile hotspot, as long as the server can be connected to the development of sign...

Android video chat class libraries source code

Android Visual video conversations, and third-party class libraries, video sound and smooth. Screenshots, video, file transfer, video intercom, import Eclipse run free. Does not require preparation....

JSP cinema ticketing system

Completed Theater booking system's basic functions, including selected seating, reservation, pre-paid users features such as front and rear fully functional. Suitable for use in graduation design...

Online shopping system (JSP+MySQL+Tomcat) (1)

Description: online shopping system (JSP+MySQL+Tomcat) (1), online shopping systems (JSP+MySQL+Tomcat) (1) + latest implement shopping with new, back with new data to the front, implementing a shopping cart into your personal shopping cart to realize payment by using SSH2...

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