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Androidwifi Registration System

Based on the android wifi attendance procedures need to be registered for the first time, after the sign of the need to register to use relatively simple, the implementation process in the android mobile hotspot, as long as the server can be connected to the development of sign...

SSH+mysql integrated development Bookshop online bookstore

This WEB project, is a perfect integration of the Spring+Strusts+Hibernate these three frameworks, using here MySQL database, which provides a simple Bookstore example, can be built on the basis of this project based on the framework of these three...

Android video chat class libraries source code

Android Visual video conversations, and third-party class libraries, video sound and smooth. Screenshots, video, file transfer, video intercom, import Eclipse run free. Does not require preparation....

Hospital outpatient management system

This hospital outpatient management system is used Oracle database, using Java language for prepared of, achieved of function including doctor of login, and created patients records, and change patients records, patients of login, and registered, and cancellation, and appointment doctor, query atten...

Haikang Android Demo

Application backgroundCall Haikang network camera, at the end of the phone and the PC end view network video stream and audio stream; control the camera orientation, focal length, preview, and pause================Daily work:1 industry expansion through car service version maintenance  2 proces...

Online exam system source code

Online exam system source code JSP +Servlet +MySQL Action actionForm DAO...

Property management system

The system is simply to SSh application frameworks, as well as review of the basics, which uses technology access control, data reporting, data import and export, as well as some basic data management...

Web-based (SSH) residential property management system

Web-based property management system that integrates the operational performance of the hut, on the graduation project of college students have a lot of learning, help complete the graduation design...

Property management system

Intelligent property management system source code documentation using Microsoft's the rapid increase of intelligent property development and popularization of network technology, computer technology, network technology has been widely applied in property...

User management system using JSP+Servlet

This is the user management system using JSP+servlet, including basic features like, add, delete, modify, search, and session, cookie application etc. This source code can help everyone to understand the application of jsp+servlet. Hope you will find it helpful....

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