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Online exam system source code

Online exam system source code JSP +Servlet +MySQL Action actionForm DAO...

Property management system

The system is simply to SSh application frameworks, as well as review of the basics, which uses technology access control, data reporting, data import and export, as well as some basic data management...

Web-based (SSH) residential property management system

Web-based property management system that integrates the operational performance of the hut, on the graduation project of college students have a lot of learning, help complete the graduation design...

Property management system

Intelligent property management system source code documentation using Microsoft's the rapid increase of intelligent property development and popularization of network technology, computer technology, network technology has been widely applied in property...

User management system using JSP+Servlet

This is the user management system using JSP+servlet, including basic features like, add, delete, modify, search, and session, cookie application etc. This source code can help everyone to understand the application of jsp+servlet. Hope you will find it helpful....

ssh imitation Jingdong Mall

Jingdong network javaWeb fitness and junior secondary source project developers Database for Oracle Profiles for'...

java video communications and voice communications

This is a java source code video communications, voice communications. Jmf-based and very easy to use. If you're really good java source code video communication can not find, you can see, there are a good introduction above....

Java course scheduling system, desktop version

java Scheduling system, based on swt, swing conduct interface development can be teachers, classrooms, time conflict checking,...

KTV Karaoke system (Java)

KTV Karaoke system (Java), using plain Java development, perfect for graduation, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ......

OA written Java source code

Complete source of OA, once the download is complete, directly imported into mySQL and SQL connections in Hibernate.cfg.XML to modify your database username and password!...

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