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ssh imitation Jingdong Mall

Jingdong network javaWeb fitness and junior secondary source project developers Database for Oracle Profiles for'...

java video communications and voice communications

This is a java source code video communications, voice communications. Jmf-based and very easy to use. If you're really good java source code video communication can not find, you can see, there are a good introduction above....

Java source - electronic government system

Application backgroundSSH framework technology, JQuery, JS, HTML, CSS and other technologies. E-government system for government departments.Key TechnologyS2SH, JQuery, JS, DWR, AJA, JSP,, which uses the front end technology and the background frame technology, is a relatively complete e-government...

Community management system

Application backgroundCommunity management system, the management of the school students' associations, the addition of the community, audit, students can apply to the community, and then audit. Functions of community management and other functions...

Network teaching platform

Application backgroundThis system is a set of network teaching system based on Internet. Through this system, teachers can facilitate the management of operations, management courses, upload operations and other operations, students can easily learn, interactive communication, download the job. The...



Android project to search near by locations like ATM, hospitals and restaurants etc

It is a Android application which does the many following features of map and you can search any near by places like hotel, atm (Automatic teller Machines), restaurant  and hospitals etc. The uploaded project file contains the awk file so that you can see demo in your Android...

Android Beijing Metro source code

Android source code of Beijing Subway, direct import, direct use! Source download, Beijing Metro, query systems, direct use, Android source code of Beijing Subway, direct import, direct use! Source download, Beijing Metro, query systems, direct use, Android source code of Beijing Subway, direct impo...

Student course selection system

Students selected class system for and students selected class of subjects and teacher Zhijian formed more on more of relationship within contains database table of connection way and table Zhijian of associated content detailed I test had open MyEclipse if occurred deployment full zhihou has js err...

intrusion detection system

it's an ids (intrusion detection system)  using java language and Jpcap as library . It make a capture of trafic and analyze packet from device ....

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