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Struts2+spring+mybatis be in place of the empty frame

In order to facilitate our development and development speed, the resource is struts2 + spring + mybatis build good air frame, suitable for beginners, you can quickly build up a ssm project....

Java course scheduling system, desktop version

java Scheduling system, based on swt, swing conduct interface development can be teachers, classrooms, time conflict checking,...

SSH+mysql integrated development Bookshop online bookstore

This WEB project, is a perfect integration of the Spring+Strusts+Hibernate these three frameworks, using here MySQL database, which provides a simple Bookstore example, can be built on the basis of this project based on the framework of these three...

OA written Java source code

Complete source of OA, once the download is complete, directly imported into mySQL and SQL connections in Hibernate.cfg.XML to modify your database username and password!...

Network backup systems

Drive system: 1. Web site and our own computer's hard disk to store files. 2. you need to bring some files on a business trip or on someone else (like Internet cafes), computer use, u disk, MP3 will be very troublesome.3. when too many files on your computer hard disk you want to free up some space...

Java source - electronic government system

Application backgroundSSH framework technology, JQuery, JS, HTML, CSS and other technologies. E-government system for government departments.Key TechnologyS2SH, JQuery, JS, DWR, AJA, JSP,, which uses the front end technology and the background frame technology, is a relatively complete e-government...

Design of Hikvision monitoring system based on Android

Application backgroundVideo surveillance technology in the modern security industry has been widely used, the security requirements of the increase, bringing the monitoring technology new requirements. The code is based on Android phones to achieve video monitoring, real-time monitoring.Key Technolo...



Student course selection system

Students selected class system for and students selected class of subjects and teacher Zhijian formed more on more of relationship within contains database table of connection way and table Zhijian of associated content detailed I test had open MyEclipse if occurred deployment full zhihou has js err...

Tank battle game source code + material + documents

Tank battle game source code + material + documents This program is a simple tanks game, Java language, JDK operating environment. At the beginning of the game, users by manipulating the keyboard tanks move, turn and shoot, fighting with the enemy tanks, until they wipe out all enemies on the cl...

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