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JavaEE technology development platform for housing rental site

Completed training a month short rental platform, developed using Java language involving SSH framework, AJAX and js technologies, direct a MyEclipse project file upload package, including MySQL 5.0 database SQL script that can be run directly into the project....

Javaweb-based reservation system

Online ordering system based on JSP,js,jQuery, content is sound and complete database, MySQL database is made of, can directly import projects. course, this is a very useful reference information. CREATE TABLE 'aboutme' ('ID' int (11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, 'TITLE' varchar (50) NOT NULL default \'...

Network backup systems

Drive system: 1. Web site and our own computer's hard disk to store files. 2. you need to bring some files on a business trip or on someone else (like Internet cafes), computer use, u disk, MP3 will be very troublesome.3. when too many files on your computer hard disk you want to free up some space...

Haikang Android Demo

Application backgroundCall Haikang network camera, at the end of the phone and the PC end view network video stream and audio stream; control the camera orientation, focal length, preview, and pause================Daily work:1 industry expansion through car service version maintenance  2 proces...

Cinema booking system

Application backgroundGood, everyone good resources for learning, we work together to study good resources, everyone good resources for learning, everyone good resources for learning, we work together to study good resources, everyone good resources for learning, it learning good resources, everyone...

Very beautiful Swing Java interface framework

Application backgroundYou can be free and free to use BeautyEye look (and feel), such as: for research, learning, and even commercial use, but to prohibit the use of unauthorized use, etc., please respect intellectual property rights.BeautyEye can run on Java 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7, but it is recommended...

Online exam system source code

Online exam system source code JSP +Servlet +MySQL Action actionForm DAO...

Property management system

The system is simply to SSh application frameworks, as well as review of the basics, which uses technology access control, data reporting, data import and export, as well as some basic data management...

Android indoor positioning

Using indoor Wi-Fi wireless access point (AP), signal strength and physical location mapping, directly or indirectly, use Smartphone with Android operating system as the server, client, and database, by gathering at the measured object to a wireless AP signal matches the fingerprint database, thereb...

Property management system

Intelligent property management system source code documentation using Microsoft's the rapid increase of intelligent property development and popularization of network technology, computer technology, network technology has been widely applied in property...

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