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Cinema ticketing system JAVA

It's a simple movie theater ticket management system, developed using Java language, use NetBeans to open, SQL databases, suitable for beginners to learn.  ...

Network backup systems

Drive system: 1. Web site and our own computer's hard disk to store files. 2. you need to bring some files on a business trip or on someone else (like Internet cafes), computer use, u disk, MP3 will be very troublesome.3. when too many files on your computer hard disk you want to free up some space...

Design of Hikvision monitoring system based on Android

Application backgroundVideo surveillance technology in the modern security industry has been widely used, the security requirements of the increase, bringing the monitoring technology new requirements. The code is based on Android phones to achieve video monitoring, real-time monitoring.Key Technolo...

JAVA online mall full set of additional source

Application backgroundJAVA online mall full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA...

Very beautiful Swing Java interface framework

Application backgroundYou can be free and free to use BeautyEye look (and feel), such as: for research, learning, and even commercial use, but to prohibit the use of unauthorized use, etc., please respect intellectual property rights.BeautyEye can run on Java 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7, but it is recommended...

Tank battle game source code + material + documents

Tank battle game source code + material + documents This program is a simple tanks game, Java language, JDK operating environment. At the beginning of the game, users by manipulating the keyboard tanks move, turn and shoot, fighting with the enemy tanks, until they wipe out all enemies on the cl...

Written by JAVA CRM system (graduated from Beida postgraduate training in JAVA design)

This is the Beida jade bird attended CRM training upon graduation a year do system, (graduated from Beida postgraduate training course on JAVA design), for JAVA beginners reference, direct deployment is available, have any questions you can contact me QQ86478642....

Android photo synthesis video

Combine several images into a video and save it to a memory card, in case of ffmpeg does not apply, pictures resemble animated into a contiguous area of memory....

Android class schedules

Android's timetable, simple course setup, including of course add/drop to check, making day-to-day queries easier. While providing memo function to add a memo  . Use photo software software landscaping....

Java Swing-based reservation system

This project is based on Java Swing, reservation system implements a client/server mode, realized order, back order, turnover statistics, billing and other functions, systematic completed reservation business. JFreeChart is used in statistics as the chart main modules are: order management, user (cl...

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