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intrusion detection system

it's an ids (intrusion detection system)  using java language and Jpcap as library . It make a capture of trafic and analyze packet from device ....

Java Swing-based reservation system

This project is based on Java Swing, reservation system implements a client/server mode, realized order, back order, turnover statistics, billing and other functions, systematic completed reservation business. JFreeChart is used in statistics as the chart main modules are: order management, user (cl...

Order and contract management system developed with JAVA

JSP pages at the front desk of the codeModify password change add a system user management system users a user name user name: password: repeat password: javaBEAN class interface<bean name="Bean_name" varname="local_Bean_name" type ="class_or_interface_name" introspe...

User management system using JSP+Servlet

This is the user management system using JSP+servlet, including basic features like, add, delete, modify, search, and session, cookie application etc. This source code can help everyone to understand the application of jsp+servlet. Hope you will find it helpful....

Wechat public accounts framework app platform for the development of the public mode (JAVA) SDK

Here already contains an implementation of source code, and default. If you want to implement your own character customization, simply add one to your lib to the lib directory of the Web. Added to classPath the following increase a configuration and, MessageProcess...


This created a WEB-based Maven project is a perfect integration of the Spring + SpringMVC + Mybatis these three framework, which provides an example of a data stream passed the test, and on this basis, the project can be built based on these three frameworks....

ssh imitation Jingdong Mall

Jingdong network javaWeb fitness and junior secondary source project developers Database for Oracle Profiles for'...

java video communications and voice communications

This is a java source code video communications, voice communications. Jmf-based and very easy to use. If you're really good java source code video communication can not find, you can see, there are a good introduction above....

Course scheduling system

1th step: Center administrator using the account centeradmin, password 000000 login system 2nd step: Center administrator logs on the hub side, click on the "basics"--> "senior management"--> "Add grade" finish grade settings. 3rd step: click the "profile&quo...

CRM customer relationship management system +MySQL database source code

Application backgroundCRM customer relationship management system +MySQL database source code: This is a CRM client to write a set of +MySQL database source code, we hope to give you help, there is nothing, directly imported into Myeclispe, SQL into the database directly run!Key TechnologyCRM, custo...

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