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Written in JAVA simple airplane games

Written in Java applet a dozen aircraft, the internal structure is relatively simple, suitable for beginners to learn to use. flyingobject principal realization set plane or bullet, game category for the program main algorithm, newpanel for the main game interface....

Struts2+spring+mybatis be in place of the empty frame

In order to facilitate our development and development speed, the resource is struts2 + spring + mybatis build good air frame, suitable for beginners, you can quickly build up a ssm project....

ModbusRTU protocol Java call serial equipment

Java version of the modubus implementation. With the document and test class. The source code is open source. ModbusRTU protocol Java call serial equipment.File description:1, source code2, doc3, RXTXcomm.jar, seroUtils.jar: jar based runtime package4, modbus4...

Design of Hikvision monitoring system based on Android

Application backgroundVideo surveillance technology in the modern security industry has been widely used, the security requirements of the increase, bringing the monitoring technology new requirements. The code is based on Android phones to achieve video monitoring, real-time monitoring.Key Technolo...

JAVA online mall full set of additional source

Application backgroundJAVA online mall full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA online store full set of additional source JAVA...

Second hand sales system java web JSP

Application backgroundThis is bought, brought to share with you, is the function of Java to write, you can directly run, including the commonly used trading function, we want to help...

Tank battle game source code + material + documents

Tank battle game source code + material + documents This program is a simple tanks game, Java language, JDK operating environment. At the beginning of the game, users by manipulating the keyboard tanks move, turn and shoot, fighting with the enemy tanks, until they wipe out all enemies on the cl...

Android indoor positioning

Using indoor Wi-Fi wireless access point (AP), signal strength and physical location mapping, directly or indirectly, use Smartphone with Android operating system as the server, client, and database, by gathering at the measured object to a wireless AP signal matches the fingerprint database, thereb...

Written by JAVA CRM system (graduated from Beida postgraduate training in JAVA design)

This is the Beida jade bird attended CRM training upon graduation a year do system, (graduated from Beida postgraduate training course on JAVA design), for JAVA beginners reference, direct deployment is available, have any questions you can contact me QQ86478642....

Java bank payment interface examples

Java development, calling the Bank on the payment interface instance, we can according to this example is copied directly to the development of similar projects, or for new payment API may refer to learning so people can use, and can be used Oh!...

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