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Fault Node Recovery Algorithm for a Wireless Sensor Network

A Fault Node Recovery algorithm is used toenhance the lifetime of a wireless sensor network when some of the sensor nodesshut down, due to the energy depletion, hardwarefailures, environmental conditions etc. The algorithm is based on the grade diffusion algorithm combined withthe genetic algorithm....

spellathon using java swing

application for game “Spellathon” where you have the option to decide the number of fixed and variable alphabets.Spellathon is a quiz game where you are given a fixed alphabet and some variable alphabets. Your task is to make words using the given alphabet where the fixed alphabet has to be incl...

Micro source code

Applet to applet is a micro-letter, feature comparison, when entering the tiny letters when it be welcomed into an app interface, interface above has a direct access to the app platform with an interface can tap into directly into the login interface, members can login and then enters the app use. Y...

This is a Java implementation of a user-based collaborative filtering algorithm is simple and easy.

This is a Java implementation of collaborative filtering algorithm is simple and easy. Similarity was calculated using Pearson's correlation, you can download to run and compared to other measures of similarity. Collaborative filtering is a user-based collaborative filtering algorithm calculates the...

JavaEE technology development platform for housing rental site

Completed training a month short rental platform, developed using Java language involving SSH framework, AJAX and js technologies, direct a MyEclipse project file upload package, including MySQL 5.0 database SQL script that can be run directly into the project....

Cinema ticketing system JAVA

It's a simple movie theater ticket management system, developed using Java language, use NetBeans to open, SQL databases, suitable for beginners to learn.  ...

Java to develop shopping systems

Classic Mall system includes two parts: front and back office, front desk for information browsing and user registration, background is primarily user and management interface...

Java development of P2P sites

Independent P2P system developed in Java language, is committed to providing individuals and businesses with free, easy to use online store system. Compatible IE, navigate, Firefox, Chrome and other browsers, only need to relax to finish building a P2P site system and deployment, system architecture...

Android based Notepad source code

Application backgroundDevelopment of Notepad based on AndroidThis is a small program of application of Android knowledge, Notepad development of this program can achieve the following:A new diaryTwo, save diaryThree, delete diaryFour, choose all, and then delete diaryFive, diary can list, can also b...

JAVA code for face recognition quite accurate comments

Application backgroundApplicable to all kinds of image recognition, a little change to the beginning of the identification of the entrance can be. If the color of the background and face is close, it may lead to the wrong identification and leakage identification..SearchCopyKey TechnologyJava simple...

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