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The following program is directed to medical diagnosis of disease. developed in JAVA...


extjs  ssh  jbpm 开源代码。开发OA办公系统的源码,功能包含个人办公,企业共享,消息管理,个人办公,流程控制,员工管理。......

Hospital management system

 Hospital Management System providesthe benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control,superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability. HMS ispowerful, flexible, and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliverreal conceivable benefits to...

Hotel management system

An easy to operate user friendly, economically priced software that Committed to meet the all requirements to manage small, medium and big scale hotels. Hotel Management System is one of the leading software for complete management of your Hotel; it can manage the reception, restaurant, inventory an...

Questionnaire system

A Java implementation of the questionnaire survey system available for everybody to study the reference, which uses MSSQL for storing data, done a lot of rewriting, and contains many new features and improvements. Skilled do not spray when they saw this simple example, the beginner in reference onl...

Collaborative filtering JAVA code

Collaborative filtering algorithm written in Java Item-based collaborative filtering, through different users evaluating similarity between item item rating, based on the similarity between item and makes recommendations;...

Invoicing system

Analysis of functional modules: basic data maintenance module Product information, suppliers, customers, employees, and other basic parameters settings. Procurement management module Commodity purchasing inventory, purchase return, forward/reverse documents and current stock transactions, managem...

Wechat public accounts framework app platform for the development of the public mode (JAVA) SDK

Here already contains an implementation of source code, and default. If you want to implement your own character customization, simply add one to your lib to the lib directory of the Web. Added to classPath the following increase a configuration and, MessageProcess...

Car rental

Implement admin login, after logging changes to the personal information of customer information management, add, delete, modify, car search, view, add, delete, modify, car rental management, auto expiry management....

Fault Node Recovery Algorithm for a Wireless Sensor Network

A Fault Node Recovery algorithm is used toenhance the lifetime of a wireless sensor network when some of the sensor nodesshut down, due to the energy depletion, hardwarefailures, environmental conditions etc. The algorithm is based on the grade diffusion algorithm combined withthe genetic algorithm....

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