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Design of Hikvision monitoring system based on Android

Application backgroundVideo surveillance technology in the modern security industry has been widely used, the security requirements of the increase, bringing the monitoring technology new requirements. The code is based on Android phones to achieve video monitoring, real-time monitoring.Key Technolo...

Personnel management system based on JSP

Application backgroundOur system uses the MVC framework, using SQL Server database add, delete, change, check, in three aspects: staff management, salary management, incentive management achieve the basic functions of personnel management. Is a good example of learning javaweb....

Java face recognition

Application backgroundJava face recognition is very accurate, is a Facebook open source project...

JavaEE framework Bootstrap, HTML5, Hibernate, SpringMVC, mybatis

Application background  JavaEE enterprise development framework, referred to as Framework] JEEFW[JavaEE, is our software group in order to quickly develop a variety of B/S products, spend a few months and the development of enterprise development framework. The framework has been tested by the...



Android project to search near by locations like ATM, hospitals and restaurants etc

It is a Android application which does the many following features of map and you can search any near by places like hotel, atm (Automatic teller Machines), restaurant  and hospitals etc. The uploaded project file contains the awk file so that you can see demo in your Android...

Android Beijing Metro source code

Android source code of Beijing Subway, direct import, direct use! Source download, Beijing Metro, query systems, direct use, Android source code of Beijing Subway, direct import, direct use! Source download, Beijing Metro, query systems, direct use, Android source code of Beijing Subway, direct impo...

Student course selection system

Students selected class system for and students selected class of subjects and teacher Zhijian formed more on more of relationship within contains database table of connection way and table Zhijian of associated content detailed I test had open MyEclipse if occurred deployment full zhihou has js err...

MTR fare system

As beginners, conduct a simple study, please adviceJust some of our lives, resulting in a variety of delivery, in which to define the classes and dovetail, apply now to just do a simple description, we currently need a function...

Leave system

Online leave system is mainly aimed at college students, and student attendance in class management and design of information systems. This system generally consists of three main modules: leave system modules, system module and admin module. System involves three types of users: students, teachers,...

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