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This created a WEB-based Maven project is a perfect integration of the Spring + SpringMVC + Mybatis these three framework, which provides an example of a data stream passed the test, and on this basis, the project can be built based on these three frameworks....

ssh imitation Jingdong Mall

Jingdong network javaWeb fitness and junior secondary source project developers Database for Oracle Profiles for'...

PEKS searchable encryption

Searchable encryption public key   need to add their own data to the client and the server-side  ...

Course scheduling system

1th step: Center administrator using the account centeradmin, password 000000 login system 2nd step: Center administrator logs on the hub side, click on the "basics"--> "senior management"--> "Add grade" finish grade settings. 3rd step: click the "profile&quo...

Design of Hikvision monitoring system based on Android

Application backgroundVideo surveillance technology in the modern security industry has been widely used, the security requirements of the increase, bringing the monitoring technology new requirements. The code is based on Android phones to achieve video monitoring, real-time monitoring.Key Technolo...

Struts2+hibernate JavaEE educational administration system

Application backgroundEducational administration management system based on Struts+hibernate. The functions of the project include the management of the students, the management of the teachers and the management of the administrators. Using MySQL database, provide the database built table SQL code....

Second hand sales system java web JSP

Application backgroundThis is bought, brought to share with you, is the function of Java to write, you can directly run, including the commonly used trading function, we want to help...

Java face recognition

Application backgroundJava face recognition is very accurate, is a Facebook open source project...

JavaEE framework Bootstrap, HTML5, Hibernate, SpringMVC, mybatis

Application background  JavaEE enterprise development framework, referred to as Framework] JEEFW[JavaEE, is our software group in order to quickly develop a variety of B/S products, spend a few months and the development of enterprise development framework. The framework has been tested by the...



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