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Online exam system source code

Online exam system source code JSP +Servlet +MySQL Action actionForm DAO...

Android indoor positioning

Using indoor Wi-Fi wireless access point (AP), signal strength and physical location mapping, directly or indirectly, use Smartphone with Android operating system as the server, client, and database, by gathering at the measured object to a wireless AP signal matches the fingerprint database, thereb...

intrusion detection system

it's an ids (intrusion detection system)  using java language and Jpcap as library . It make a capture of trafic and analyze packet from device ....

Design of Hikvision monitoring system based on Android

Application backgroundVideo surveillance technology in the modern security industry has been widely used, the security requirements of the increase, bringing the monitoring technology new requirements. The code is based on Android phones to achieve video monitoring, real-time monitoring.Key Technolo...

Android project to search near by locations like ATM, hospitals and restaurants etc

It is a Android application which does the many following features of map and you can search any near by places like hotel, atm (Automatic teller Machines), restaurant  and hospitals etc. The uploaded project file contains the awk file so that you can see demo in your Android...

Android Beijing Metro source code

Android source code of Beijing Subway, direct import, direct use! Source download, Beijing Metro, query systems, direct use, Android source code of Beijing Subway, direct import, direct use! Source download, Beijing Metro, query systems, direct use, Android source code of Beijing Subway, direct impo...

Lab equipment management system Java Edition

(1) the storekeeper statistical device inventory in the warehouse, find the equipment inventory is low, fill in the application form for purchase, leading to review this application, approved, purchases report to purchase.(3) the warehouse administrator registration of equipment purchased, registere...

Employee attendance system

Function: log users into administrators, and the General staff. Administrators can manage employee information, management information, modify the wage, modifying overtime costs and penalty costs, attendance time set, you can query the wage statistics and export the Excel table. Ordinary employees c...

Small library management system (Java+access)

Is simple of small books management system, contains increased, and by deleting, and modified, and check, some basic function, entered main interface zhiqian has user login to entered, code can directly run, not needs increased any things, operation very simple, if wants to increased some other of f...

F5 information steganography

Very useful F5 steganography Java source code. On information steganography in JPEG format, the algorithm executes directly under the DOS environment, you need to have some Java programming fundamentals....

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