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Spellathon code

Create an app for the puzzle game “SPELLATHON”.Spellathon is a quiz game where you are given a fixed alphabet and some variable alphabets. Your task is to make words using the given alphabet where the fixed alphabet has to be included in all your words.To have to make a game Spellathon where you...

Theater management system

JSP online cinema management system (document, Bernal, graduation theses, programs, source code)User login, online seat selection and other functions, view theater ticket information, administrators to add, remove, and modify ticket information. User after selecting the movie tickets, add to cart to...

Equipment management system management system source code

Equipment management system, Java+MySQL development, containing papers, welcomes each road do bi set of child shoes download, has problem please message, equipment management system, Java+MySQL development, containing papers, welcomes each road do bi set of child shoes download, has problem please m...

Sping+hibnater (mybatis) framework

Application backgroundHere integration with hibernate and mybatis two persistence layer framework, hibernate mainly completes the additions and deletions to the function and the single object query function, mybatisMainly responsible for query function. So there is no problem when the database is ou...

Java realization OA

Java OA,Spring MVC framework, enterprise application based on the General level of project development, also includes mobile phone application development, but currently not implemented....

SSH-based OA

OA management system based on SSH, SQL,SQL files are large, please source the MySQL command line client x:XXXXX.SQL, OA system focuses on right...

Academic Course Scheduling System design and development

Academic Course Scheduling Java System Design and Development。Suitable to make the graduation project...

Java and MySQL combination system

Written using Java client/server architecture of high imitation of QQ software, you can implement private chat, group chat, user registration, and modify personal information, add friends, and delete buddy, send expression, access to space, find password, remember password feature. And different use...

DWR+Hibernate+Spring auction system example

Auctions with DWR and Hibernate and spring technologies implementation examples, very suitable for beginners to learn how to use it! Direct import of IDE development tools! Uses MySQL database, source code package contains the MySQL database scripts, MySQL database client executes SQL statements....

Beginners-SSH framework, and we learn together

For complete beginners to build a framework for SSH, and very easy to use, there are comments, details. SSH run the principles embodied in this code is the image of, SSH is a very good development framework the framework, greatly reduces the coupling of traditional development and conducive to integ...

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