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Beginners-SSH framework, and we learn together

For complete beginners to build a framework for SSH, and very easy to use, there are comments, details. SSH run the principles embodied in this code is the image of, SSH is a very good development framework the framework, greatly reduces the coupling of traditional development and conducive to integ...


Program read Simulation data in the txt file, using cavas to draw the curve....

Bluetooth to receive data, draw the waveform

size:10.5000pt;font-family:'宋体';">关于画图类的几点说明      * SurfaceView 是View的继承类,这个视图里      * 内嵌了一个专门用于绘制的Surface。可以控制这个Surface的格式和尺...

Java management

Java SSH personnel management system includes personnel management and staff management, also have a badge system interface is relatively simple, there are quite a few bug pure boredom just write...

The MVC pattern dynamic draw circle

(1) when a user in the graphical user interface when you enter the radius of a circle, the program will display the circumference and area of a circle, and draw the circle(2) when a user in the graphical user interface when dragging the ruler said the radius of the circle, it automatically displays...

Chat system based on LAN

space:nowrap;">WindowTextArea,DatagramSocket、DatagramPacket, 可以群聊,也可以选择要聊天的的对象,加了背景图片。...

Super Java lightning game

Personally developed Java games put you in space mad gorgeous picture games included in Eclipse and clear code that applies to curriculum design learning game development typical of reference! Hope that works for you! Today shared with everyone....

Android wireless ordering

scale operations. This project mainly uses the design language is Java language, designed by design ended up including a user requests help Android client, order management module, table management functions, management functions module, node management modules, and so on. Web version designed to ev...

MotionDetection in java

1999px;left:-1988px;" id="stcpDiv">目前我们在我的学校我工作的最后一年的项目。它已经跟制作带摄像头的运动检测器。许多失败的尝试后,我决定去网上得到一些帮助。我发现一些代码,将有助于类做为我的项目,但它想要什么发现...

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