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Bluetooth to receive data, draw the waveform

Several notes on drawing class * SurfaceView is a View of an inherited class, in this view * Have a special embedded used to paint the Surface. Can control the Surface format and size. * SurfaceView control Surface drawing position. * Process: inherited SurfaceView an...

Java management

Java SSH personnel management system includes personnel management and staff management, also have a badge system interface is relatively simple, there are quite a few bug pure boredom just write...

Chat system based on LAN

This is a simple desktop chat system based on local area network, and is written in Java, related to WindowTextArea,DatagramSocket, DatagramPacket,  to group chat, or you can select the object you want to chat, add a background picture....

MotionDetection in java

I am currently working on a final year project in my school. It has to do with making a motion detector with a webcam. After many failed attempts I decided to go online to get some help. I found some code for the class that would help do what I want for my project, but it didn't have any tutorial on...

Btree data structure java programming

this project contains Btree data structure java programming language . this is usefull for implement a students systems or university system...

Medicine management system

The management system provides administrators with a simple and a good platform to manage medicines. Administrator login system, you can set up customer, find, edit, and delete customer information, as well as drug information, as well as management and drug sales....

Hotel Management System

(1) resources fully open type: all the resources of the system, functions by the user management, access control to button, according to different users, assembly different interfaces, different use function allocation. Do not worry and permissions to the button.(2) outstanding information processin...



Human resource management system

HRMS (Human Resources Management System,HRMS) including day-to-day affairs personnel, remuneration, recruitment, training, assessment...

English language learning system based on Android

Detailed design requirements    Eclipse +sqlte features: offline query    online   -Chinese translation    turn English into Chinese     online translator    does not require a Web site    with API  offline translat...

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