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Hotel Management System

(1) resources fully open type: all the resources of the system, functions by the user management, access control to button, according to different users, assembly different interfaces, different use function allocation. Do not worry and permissions to the button.(2) outstanding information processin...



English language learning system based on Android

Detailed design requirements    Eclipse +sqlte features: offline query    online   -Chinese translation    turn English into Chinese     online translator    does not require a Web site    with API  offline translat...

Document management

Java file management, this project is a complete Eclipse project, user import to run, include file directories, upload and download management...

Extraction and recognition model for topic specific topic

JGibbLDA main code improvements, additions and modifications to its invocation pattern, you can read the specified file, for a specific content topic that needs to be generated. Issue number can be specified, parameters can be configured manually....

Web crawler Java implementation

Each NetEase news content is stored separately in the different txt files. Direct import of MyEclipse to run, under the main classes in the com.spider package....

SM2 algorithm

Articles about SM2 elliptic curve public-key cryptography, analyzes the SM2 algorithm realization processes and techniques, andThe four functions of the SM2 algorithm is implemented in Java language: SM2, SM2, encryption, digital signatures, SM2 signature verification SM2 decryption. ArticlesAlso te...

Imitation micro channel radar scanning

Application backgroundMicro channel radar scanning is a very powerful feature, you can scan the vicinity of the crush Oh, would like to know how he works? Source code has a detailed introduction.Key TechnologySource code through the java development to achieve the radar scan function, the user must...

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