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English language learning system based on Android

Detailed design requirements    Eclipse +sqlte features: offline query    online   -Chinese translation    turn English into Chinese     online translator    does not require a Web site    with API  offline translat...

Document management

Java file management, this project is a complete Eclipse project, user import to run, include file directories, upload and download management...

Web crawler Java implementation

Each NetEase news content is stored separately in the different txt files. Direct import of MyEclipse to run, under the main classes in the com.spider package....

Imitation micro channel radar scanning

Application backgroundMicro channel radar scanning is a very powerful feature, you can scan the vicinity of the crush Oh, would like to know how he works? Source code has a detailed introduction.Key TechnologySource code through the java development to achieve the radar scan function, the user must...

Licensed games

In experiment 2, licensed gamesExperiment type: validationAim: Mastering the Java array, method, the basic definition of a class.Context:Programming, project name and class name are PokerGame.Description:Total 1 images of playing cards, not including Wang and Xiao Wang a total of 52 cards.N individu...

Tbls airline reservation systems

Ø   ø project name---ABS airline reservation systems   project description ø   airline reservation systems on mobile + Web •   development cycle: 15 days •   environment and tools: Eclipse, and MySQl, and Linux –   development languages: Java, JavaScript, CSS...

Drawing image gallery program

Android's program can make two types of animation effects to objects displayed on the screen: Tween animation and Frame animation. This two kinds of animation are called View animation.Tween animation is animated by the specified start and end of the object attributes, such as location, Alpha value...

Library management system

Java+MySQL development of library management systems. Simple and clear the whole system, suitable for individual learning, and small business use....

Example for Displaying data using struts

Displaying data with the help of struts2 on the database. This is a struts 2 example for bigneer which helps to learn clearly....

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