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Simulation fast Food company

Java technology allows you to work and play in a secure computing environment. Codes development in Java can use in any device. This application is a base for atention in a fast food company, with the posibilities for development for pc, telephone, tablet, and touch devices....

android weather report

Of software, this is a weather forecast the weather for the next five days, China's provinces and cities have the option, real time, first learning Android applications students can see Oh...

MLP in neural network

A multilayer perceptron (MLP) is a feedforward artificial neural network model that maps sets of input data onto a set of appropriate outputs. A MLP consists of multiple layers of nodes in a directed graph, with each layer fully connected to the next one...

Identification and selection of the algorithm and synonym for plagiarism detection

Application backgroundIt is a program to detect plagiarism in word text in Indonesian language, especially pdf file. in this program, I'm using Java as program language, and using winnowing algorithm to detect similar words, and calculate the hash value using rolling hash algorithm. For synonym case...

Cloud computing data removal based on encryption technology

Application backgroundit is useful for deduplication process in cloud storage, the duplicated data or information storage by different user can lead to high storage. hence it required to delete the repeated dataKey Technologywe enhance our system in security. Specifically, we present an advanced sch...

Mouse drawing

According to respond to mouse clicks can, and location tracking, open draw graphics...

Summary memo examples

Android practice routine, practice course plus before the memorandum has been modified into a simple, beginner exercises use SQL interface design...

Time to send e-mail application

Application backgroundAfter every day to take the data analysis processing, mail sent to colleagues. Data is taken as the SQL data statement is exported to excel, and then analyze the processing, send e-mail.Key TechnologyJXL for Excel operation, data analysis.Ojdbc for mysqll database connectionMai...

Chess source

Application backgroundA simple java chess source code, suitable for beginners to read!...

Document Word and frequency ranking

According to the text to remove special characters such as punctuation, Word, and according to the frequency of Word occurrences statistics and sorted by frequency from high to low. Above mainly used English text into your document....

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