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Time to send e-mail application

Application backgroundAfter every day to take the data analysis processing, mail sent to colleagues. Data is taken as the SQL data statement is exported to excel, and then analyze the processing, send e-mail.Key TechnologyJXL for Excel operation, data analysis.Ojdbc for mysqll database connectionMai...

java 教程

此文档是javase 7基础教程,一切从零开始也可,好好学习哦 A   Beginner 's  T ut or ial  ( 3r d Edit ion) . Jav a  i s  a  mat u re  programmi n g  l an gu age  t h at   i s  easy   t o l earn .&nbs...


题目:构造一个日期类,要求具有如下功能:   1、能够推算“明天”的日期   2、能够打印出某天的日期   3、具有判断某个月有几天的能力。 一、分析:    &...


北大javappt 第一章java类.ppt--第九章6-7JavaRMI.ppt...



universal student

module  1   identifying the  input  module 2  converting the input in to the required format  module 3  experiment on the given data  module 4 analysis  expected form the above module  module 5 conclusion of the result at the out put please foll...

Library Management System

Library Management Project is to ease transaction in Library. Such transaction is Issuing books, Returning books, Add books, modify  books etc....


this code is of ceaser cyper.. very short and easy to understand. it is one of the encryption method which helps user to send hidden data to other users. the code is very even helps in some security structures.....

website sale book

 here source website about book,Consist fuction as: register, order, view, view details,using technology jsp & servlet in java database mysql use jdbc...

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