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Dynamic Memory Allocation in C++

It is required to use structure, pointer, and array to develop this program....

Lottery simulation Builder

Lottery simulation Builder, a simple randomly generated data, you can run the addition sum, displays histograms of historical ticket data, there are blue and red ball two,...


Pie menus are great fun to work with. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, often tailored to fit the specific application. They are especially frequent in games and in specialized applications. Because all items are available at an equal distance from the mouse pointer origin, pie menus a...

Resource loading DLL

Resource loading, DLL, windows applications with a simple method to load the DLL example conceal from memory, more valuable....

By recursively generate the menu design document

Generate stepless tree, tree menu, the document is a complete design document, contains the database table and field design, Java implementation of logic, the page code. Steps:1. database design 2.     Entity Bean to create 3.     Recursively generate JSON 3. Generating DOM...

Menu category

The  Menu category works as a  book category, wirten in C. It can be used in any digital book category to help you access your desirable book...

Banking system C language applet

Application backgroundThe program is a university time to learn C language to do a small system program, the use of simple C language, can be a total of beginners to learn, modify, can also be used as a model for students, I hope you can learn together....


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