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C # keyboard and mouse hooks

The mouse and keyboard hook C # code, you can hook into the current mouse and keyboard input system, and its key modifications and event handling, this is the code found on the MSDN, is to nice ~...

VC global hook procedure to monitor the code

VC global hook procedure to monitor the code a very good hook hook stuff stuff welcome to download research...

Global mouse and keyboard hooks

Global mouse and keyboard hooks example containing. dll and lib files, VC6, MFC-based design To achieve real-time capture the current screen coordinates of the mouse location to capture most of the keyboard keys individually, if you need special keys and key combinations, need to take care of...

Open source hook Library

A generic HOOK library, open source. Very easy to use, has been in use, which is able to find the latest version of the web site can not find, the copyright belongs to the original author. If there is a new version of the update I will upload....

C # adds a global message hooks

Add Global mouse and keyboard with the news hook C #, including: KeyDown, KeyUp, KeyPress, MouseMove, MouseClick, MouseUp, MouseDown, MouseDoubleClick, MouseWheel. Source consists of two parts: the framework and examples....

DLL memory held

DLL memory molested!! You can modify the memory!! When loading EXE molested DLL, patch your own code!!!!!...


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Mouse simulation

Regular mouse analog operation, suitable for unit personnel on the sign in on a computer, inconvenient point sign in, you can use the record attendance to tap screen position, and after a set time, programs to automatically simulate mouse operation. Application, please note that turn off the screens...

inline hook

hook idt table and detour to target function,...


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