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MASM32 send key Notepad

Application backgroundDetect a window, open notepad and send keys to it like a ghost... is a prank that can be used for other ways...Key TechnologyThis code is written in masm32, is a simple window detection tecnique. sendkeys to notepad... a prank for learning asm...

Displays asterisks in the password box, clear

Show password box asterisk explicitly, by a remote injection, but no DLL implemented, direct-injected code, support WIN9X/WINXP, also supports the password box in the IE. All original code provided....

User operation

Application background(1) clientIncluding data collection, data upload, behavior report, users set up four modules. Data acquisition moduleNeed to collect the data is mainly the host user operation information, network and process information.Data upload moduleUpload the collected data to the web se...


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