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a terrific voice chat tool, its compression algorithm using GSM, evrc, qcelp, po...

a terrific voice chat tool, its compression algorithm using GSM, evrc, qcelp, popular support for the current RTP transmission....

OPC服务器的lib开发包,可以使用它快速开发出opc server

OPC server lib development kits, can use it to quickly develop server Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins...

sms pdu coder and decoder

Books written in c # that allows to encode and format descodifcar pdu SMS messages, is a well-structured package of classes that provide a basis for all their use in successful proyect. Lets also encode messages in Unicode format and 16bit ANCI....


The ModScan application operates as a MODBUS master modbus_protocol device in either RTU or ASCII transmission modes....

RFID RF card reader driver

Details based on 51 single-chip RFID card reader/writer drive, apply S50 contactless IC card performance profiles (M1), The electrical part of the card consists of an antenna and ASIC Composition. Antennas: antennas are only a few of the card set of coil winding, nicely packaged to IS...

LabVIEW to realize the string mouth communication

Realization of serial communication using LabVIEW. To install visa driver packages, Then visa is read from the serial port read data, there is a read buffer, the data read from the serial port Visa write write data to a serial port or a command Is visa close over the serial port re...


TI MSP430 operation CC3000mod provided by the official WiFi module source code, including drivers and interface programs, development environment for IAR....


It is the code for Nakagami CFAR. One can use it for simulation of CFAR detection algorithm in radar signal processing with the clutter modeling in Nakagami function...

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