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Ray tracing

About ray-tracing model source code, there are Japanese writing very useful references from program code can be changed according to your own needs so that it can meet the needs of your own...

P2P through source code

Network P2P through source code, simple and practical, there are detailed notes, simple to understand, easy to learn,...

Unlocking the Power of OPNET Modeler source code book

Unlocking the Power of OPNET Modeler, a book newly published textbook, classic source code, not to be missed...

The simulation for handover between Wimax and Wifi access networks using NS2 simulator.

NS2 Simulation for Performanceevaluation of TCP and UDP using WiMax access network technologyIn this simulation a simplesimulation scenario is considered in which a single mobile WiMax node moves between coverage area of two WiMax basestations while maintain connection witha common corresponding nod...

RDA1846 sch + pic18f2552 usb circuit schematic.

RDA1846 sch + pic18f2552 usb circuit schematic. usefull and ideal for making the transceiver using RDA1846 and pic18f2552. very simple design and construct....

Serial debugging assistant source code

Serial debugging assistant developed using VC++,MFC, file sending and receiving, which has a main program interface, various features on it, given to serial debugging assistant is required by code clarity, with steps of the writing process....

OPNET of the CSMA/CD simulation, including two scenes

This is the CSMA/CD protocol I finished myself, took a long time before error, did a lot of looking on the Internet, do not post, this example is based on the repository, refer to our audience....

communication ccs c rs485 with proteurs

Draft pic to pic communication using rs485 protocol with CCS Pic C...

FFT-based non-binary LDPC decoding

FFT-based non-binary LDPC decoding iterations of non-binary LDPC decoding algorithm for FFT calculation is used to quickly  achieve, with decoding of high efficiency, good performance characteristics....

LDPC decoding MATLAB simulation

Source code with MATLAB simulation of LDPC decoding program upon the actual test, the source is accurate, makes sense for beginners LDPC coding people. The case is divided into two parts, LDPC coding and decoding, respectively. Welcome to download....

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