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A DS/FH hybrid spread spectrum communication system simulation

This program is a mix of direct-sequence spread spectrum and frequency-hopping spread spectrum communication system simulation, using a spread spectrum code m of the linear feedback shift register sequences, hopping and jumping point to 4....

Stochastic decoding of LDPC codes constructed processes

LDPC encoded BPSK modulation, AWGN channel, decoding, you can simulate bit-error rate curves...

Class module communicate between Siemens S7200 and VB

This is a vb class module that communicates with s7200PLC free, can be directly used for my own work. It uses the means of communication is free port communication technology of Siemens PLC. Good performance in engineering development and hope for their valuable comments....

Implementation of Slotted aloha algorithm

An improvement to the original ALOHA protocol was "Slotted ALOHA", which introduced discrete timeslots and increased the maximum throughput. A station can send only at the beginning of a timeslot, and thus collisions are reduced. In this case, we only need to worry about the transmission-attem...

File transfer ActiveX control

VC6.0 based file transfer control of our platform that supports HTTP, FTP transfer, you can transfer multiple files at once, can be transmitted over 4G of large files, and supports resuming. Engineering for ActiveX controls can be embedded directly into the Web browser, supports automatic download a...

Complete program includes dozens of programs LDPC

This software is meant for supporting research into Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes. It also includes modules for operations on dense and sparse modulo-2 matrices, and for random number generation.A source code repository for this software is now hosted at Github. See the documentation fo...

Reading and writing data via USB

Shows how to use QSerialPort to send and receive data through the USB port, this program is done in Qt C ++. Implements events for asynchronous data reception and error handling....

NS2 all awk script files

Application backgroundAWK Scripts are very good in processing the data from the log (trace files) which we get from NS2. If you want to process the trace file manually and get the results easily.Key Technology For example for NS2 simulation, first of all one has to write a TCL script which is...

Multiple fractal code, is very easy, written by foreigners for EEG

Very detailed procedures, diagrams, annotated introduction, various steps are introduced, are in English. Welcome to download, hope for all of us....

USB HID communications examples

USB HID communications program exampleShows the most basic USB communication. And provides a means of communication, you can read instructions from a script file, for USB communication...

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