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NS2 all awk script files

Application backgroundAWK Scripts are very good in processing the data from the log (trace files) which we get from NS2. If you want to process the trace file manually and get the results easily.Key Technology For example for NS2 simulation, first of all one has to write a TCL script which is...

Multiple fractal code, is very easy, written by foreigners for EEG

Very detailed procedures, diagrams, annotated introduction, various steps are introduced, are in English. Welcome to download, hope for all of us....

Modbus Serial communication program

A simple yet comprehensive example based on Modbus Protocol procedures, with open mouths, send data, receive data, and CRT calibration and inspection dataThis project encapsulates the Modbus and SerialPort class, you can directly import the two classes used in engineering, send and receive data by c...

USB HID communications examples

USB HID communications program exampleShows the most basic USB communication. And provides a means of communication, you can read instructions from a script file, for USB communication...

HFSS antenna design based on examples

2 HFSS antenna simulation examples: dipole and monopole antenna...

51 single-chip microcomputer with GSD file PROFIBUS slave code

51 single-chip microcomputer with GSD file PROFIBUS slave code, suits the beginner to learn....

LMS and RLS algorithm and its application in balance

Adaptive signal processing in the classic balance of LMS and RLS algorithm applied to communication, and image for verification.LMS Least mean square algorithm for the opener. Chinese is the algorithm.Sensors and adaptive linear element in history almost simultaneously raised, and the resulting in a...

Transplantation of foreign MODBUS RTU STM32F103 code

Application backgroundSTM32 and touch screen communication can be downloaded directly compile vinylon, communication. 9600 baud rate test can be used directly. Need to increase the function to add their own.Function codeFixed meaningFuck (binary)0x01Read switch outputRead the output state data for a...

LIN send and receive program code

Application backgroundFlying Si Carle S12 microcontroller LIN communication module driver, and LIN to send data / receive data function code...

serial port communicational dynamic link libraries,To hold up X/YModem agreement

serial port communicational dynamic link libraries,To hold up X/YModem agreement...

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