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ChatRoom chat system

Write a simple online chat, support for multiplayer chat. Currently there are no design database...

dbpsk modulation and demodulation process

SYMPCHUNK sets the number of symbols demodulated at once with a constant carrier frequency and symbol timing offset. This is a fundamental decoder parameter that establishes its carrier and symbol timing tracking bandwidth. Set it too low and the demodulator can't accurately determine carrier freque...


采用服务器/客户机进行双机通信,通过局域网送至客户计.       在服务器的框图程序中,首先指定网络端口,并用侦听TCP节点建立TCP侦听器,等待客户机的连接请求,这是初始化的过程。  ...

WCF heartbeat determine whether server-side and client are dropped and realization of the connection

When a drop server or client will automatically reconnect when online; by WCF duplex knowledge and heartbeat packets to enable this feature; First look at this example of a hierarchical diagram believe understanding WCF on the stratification method is sure are well aware of which Client to cli...

Erlang B Formula

Here is a source code for implementation of Erlang B formula. It is used in Matlab environment. It includes three functions which can be used to calculate Traffic, Channel and probability. It supports more than 500 channels as input....

As3992 reader code

Austria microelectronics as3992 UHF Reader source code, the main control chip for c8051f340, is to use the frequency range above 850MHz, read 0-3M....

Wechatpy simple package using the sample

Application backgroundUse wechatpy login micro channel enterprise number, to achieve the Department to obtain information to send a simple example, based on micro channel enterprise number.....

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