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GPRS wireless communications for the TCP/IP procedures, can support 100 Remote Terminal....


Mainly through the application of the skype feature commonly used to carry out inter-process control (such as call, articulated phone, etc.), and the integration of PSTN telephony functions (subject to the appropriate hardware). Realize the network with the traditional PSTN telephone call with one....

在Viusal Basic6.0中,通过DDE方式,实现与MATLAB的通讯。无论在VB操作数据库应用、控件的使用、MATLAB的图形操作方面,对初学者来说都是...

In Viusal Basic6.0 through DDE way communication with MATLAB. Operation in VB database application, the use of controls, MATLAB graphics operation, for beginners is a rare example....

latest exosip2

latest exosip2- 3.0.0 source for the SIP protocol stack are interested in research fellow...

This is an OFDM adaptive modulation and coding a good article, written with the...

This is an OFDM adaptive modulation and coding a good article, written with the design of programs or can refer to....

VC++ GPS data analysis program

I do the project data with GPS analytical procedures, it is not easy to tune pass, put out by data analysis, but also good, please refer to. First, please give some integral....

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