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mimo detection using almounti techniques

In this paper, bit error rate (BER) analysis of Diversity Techniques and amplify and  forward (AF) wireless relay networks (WRN) in various multipath fading channels is addressed. Transmit diversity and Receive diversity techniques are considered and finally extended to multiple input multiple...

QT automatically sends voice advertisement



Chung Cheng University Taiwan Research Institute of OFDM technology of lectures, very classic, each module is very detailed waveform analysis. When you OFDM difficult for entry, these notes is your good helper of the....


PC and the DSP data communications, including RTDX related to the functional description and place and ends source....

字符仿真终端 通过一个MSComm控件,实现串口字符通信功能。

characters through a terminal simulation MSComm control, Serial characters communications functions....

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