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connection to the CY7C68013A

connection to the CY7C68013A-56 ADC AD9203. Software and Firmware...


Targeting the development of reference materials for the development of China Unicom...

raw socket 封包分析 raw socket 封包分析

Analysis of raw socket packet analysis of raw socket packet raw socket packet analysis...


Mobile communications services: ISUP protocol analysis, application....

Modem程序开发。当有电话打入时,如果响到指定次数就会自动应答。 Answering Machine....

Modem development. When a call to enter, when to ring for a designated number will automatically response. Answering Machine....

Radio Frequency and microwave communication circuit

Wireless technology has been growing tremendously, with new application. Beside the traditional application, RF and microwave are being used cellular communication, loacal area network....

Serial port access package

Serial communications package dll, calls do not need to concern the serial parameters directly done by this DLL. Only need Open,Read,Write call, and Close it....

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