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C# agsxmpp 即时聊天

  一个很好用的xmpp开发即时聊天的列子  适合初学者   agsxmpp 即时聊天  支持多vs版本   ...

Many people Webpage video voice chat room system

size:16px;">多人视频语音网页聊天室系统 * 演示地址:  * E-Mail: * 升级时间  2013.07.15 * 商业版授权联系 QQ:82170713 */升级记录增加快捷回复功能增加道具礼物功能增加鲜花排名功...

Java LAN Chatting

Chatting via LAN, hanya bisa chatting, belum bisa kirim file. editor : jcreator *tugas matkul mobile programming....

IOCP multiplayer chat room


Dove source code

space:nowrap;">局域网通讯工具 - 飞鸽的源代码(windows系统下)...

Android and IOS live chat software


LAN chat system based on Qt

Previously downloaded chat system. Multiplayer chat and transfer files. You can choose the font, color, whether it is underlined, you can save or clear chat history. Run automatically when you logon, obtain an IP address. Simple and practical, it is worth learning!...

Chat program


visual c++ messenger

visual c++ messenger full source code and image windows client (visual c++) and linux server (gcc)  ...

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