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A LAN chat tool source code (from the Web)

Complete source code routines, and Handling precautions ( 1 ) On one computer, two or more users can not log on. ( 2 ) In front of the video, the client and the remote client communication window must be open. ( 3 ) At the time of sending large pictures,...

To achieve multiplayer online chats

Chat functions implemented in c, the code simple, practical. It is done using c/s architecture, including socket server program (), tied to the local IP and protocol port, bind (), listen () is a socket in a passive state and sets the request queue length, accept () take a connection request or wait...

ping examples

This is a ping application in C++ programming language by MFC. you should search internet for some application like this. ...

simple chat code with md5 encryption

simple chat code with md5 encryption in c#...

Simple Chat Application PHP

Hello, This is a simple chatting application, it depends upon java scripting..It don't require any Database to work....

FTP program

This is an FTP file belongs to the network programming. File transfer, and communications software running on this program you can agree mad run on another machine...

Weather Forecasting

This is weather forecasting using ajax. you can check any city weather by using this forecasting project try it if you want to know city forecast....

Wechat public platform Java development

After logging app official platform, turn on developer mode, at this time we need to fill in the URL and token, the so-called URL is our own server interfaces, implemented with, the corresponding Web.XML configuration information as follows in the generated at t...

QT 4 text chat communications platform for beginners note complete

In client/server written in QT4 platform text chatting program, taking into account the starter needs a simple program to illustrate the QT programming mechanism, a short effective and complete comment procedures would be helpful, so share it. Source code there are two separate projects...

LAN peer to peer text chat program

This is on the same interface, via the radio box set as a server or client, point to point text chat program...

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