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Winsocket programming chat room

Using winsocket function, write a simple client/server model chat room software. Entire program using winsocket functions send and receive network data, you can use the UDP Protocol , you can also use the TCP Protocol...

Chat by Sparna

One of the easiest to use chat messangers to be created. This app was created based on the tutor bucky...

Client Side on Chat

code developed through the help of buck tutorials. its the client side of my earlier code on chat by sparna, this one is just the other side...


WebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar application that can be configuredas a single-user calendar,a multi-user calendar for groups of users,or as an event calendar viewable by visitors.MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, Interbase, MS SQL Server, or ODBC is required.WebCalendar can be setup in a variety o...

Social Networking Website

Social Networking Website provide The forum in which peoples Share Content ,post ,comments ,upload picture and videos,chat with each other,instant messaging. This Provide freedom of expression to everyone...

Sever Client

A client server program with Xammp database connection....Can login to your account and chat with another user who has logged in... It can list the available users who is online....Any changes made is reflected in database...Can view the chat history with other users,.......

Code source Chat room VB.NET ( Socket Programming)

Chat room programming lungages client and server side witch offers socket communication between client & server.Create nickname and do chat in public room with other users in broadcasting mode....

The TCPIP server C #

Application backgroundThis is a simple c# server project in which the user can send and receive data over the tcp / ip socket. the development is not all complete but it is working for the basic use. Key Technologythe key technology is working in c# windows forms and the basic development is c#...

xmpp connection manager

Openfire Connection Manager is an extension of the Openfire server, it can transparently handle large-scale concurrent XMPP client connection to Openfire server. Reference to Openfire Connection Manager module is implemented in network IO processing program based on the NGINX solution through its st...

Goods into the sales management system

Training programs can be used, I tried, very good, I hope to help those kids just started smoothly through training programs, and was hit from inspiration, to be able to do their own independent projects. I also hope to be able to share with you to explore solutions to the project, thank you. I hope...

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