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LAN chat system

Source code written by VB, and can be used in LAN chat, powerful, high operability @...

Communication chat software

Application backgroundTCP will maintain its head and data inspection and. This is an end to end inspection and the purpose is to detect any changes in the data transmission process. If you receive a section of the test and error, TCP will discard the packet and not acknowledge receipt of this messag...

SOCK MFC programming

Application backgroundMFC, TCP communication programmingEasy to understand the communication between the TCP server and the client.As a client or server, the client can chat with the server, you can set the IP address and port number.Also left the interface for TCP to send control commands.Key Techn...

Chat input dynamic expression

Application backgroundExtrichedit.cppResource Name: MyChat.rarUpload user: wxp515735Upload date: 2009-11-04Resource size: 152kFile size: 30KSource categories: interface programmingDevelopment platform: C++ Visual...

UDP dialog box

Application backgroundUDP transfer of the simple dialog box, according to their own set of IP for different computer data transmission. You can set the IP and port number....

Random chat room code

Application backgroundFunction:1 anonymous user pairing chat2 chat records can be downloaded3 can display the other input status4 using polling server transmission data, compared to comet, the server pressure is much smaller, and the polling interval can be adjusted.5 shows the number of Online6 sen...

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