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Dove source code

space:nowrap;">局域网通讯工具 - 飞鸽的源代码(windows系统下)...

A Android socket chat.

A simple chat client for android, just add the IP and server port that you can now start exchanging messages....

mostra lcd

space:nowrap;">ujhgvuhfvuygfyuguiyg8ug8iu 8yg8yufiug80g9ug utguih...

LAN voice Hall system


A LAN chat tool source code (from the Web)

family:黑体;">操作注意事项 (1)在一台计算机中,不可以登录两个或两个以上的用户。 (2)在进行视频前,客户端和远程客户端必须打开通信窗口。 (3)在发送大图片的时候,传送的速度较慢。...

To achieve multiplayer online chats

Chat functions implemented in c, the code simple, practical. It is done using c/s architecture, including socket server program (), tied to the local IP and protocol port, bind (), listen () is a socket in a passive state and sets the request queue length, accept () take a connection request or wait...

ping examples

This is a ping application in C++ programming language by MFC. you should search internet for some application like this. ...

FTP program

This is an FTP file belongs to the network programming. File transfer, and communications software running on this program you can agree mad run on another machine...

Weather Forecasting

height:1.5;">这是使用 ajax 的气象预报。您可以通过使用这检查任何市天气预测项目试试如果你想要知道市预测。...

Client Side on Chat

size:14px;">通过的巴克教程帮助开发代码。它是由 sparna 聊天我早些时候的代码的客户端,这个只是另一端。...


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