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Chat program

AppWizard has created this chat program application for you. This applicationnot only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classesbut is also a starting point for writing your application....

C++ chat program (client and server)

C++ implementation of chat programs, containing two parts: client and server, establish a connection, you can enable communication between multiple computers. For C++ programs, and reports....

chat program new style

In my program will let you exchange messages between two people on your same network. It may work if your not on the same network but i can't test it now.You should have Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, that is what i am using. Basic programming knowledge is recommended. ......

A Android socket chat.

A simple chat client for android, just add the IP and server port that you can now start exchanging messages....

Android the Alice social system source code

Android the Alice social system source code that contains the server-sideAlice a social system is a scenario-based Mobile SNS system, its goal is to develop a new type of Mobile SNS structures. The new structure consists is different from traditional driven Mobile SNS SNS novel user interfaces, as w...

Socket chat software

Socket (socket) is a network programming interface independent of the Protocol, in the OSI model, focused on the session layer, and transport layer. Socket actually represents a valid endpoint for communicating between the two entities. Through the socket to get the source IP address and source port...

ASP Alumni

Online chat, guestbook, photo albums, and other functions, use language for ASP, compile software for TXT, use databases to Access, suitable for beginners to learn....

Enterprise instant messaging system

Application backgroundPrismServer: 2 based chat client and server side solutions.Key TechnologyPrismServer is a multi-user message to you with a chat and other general-purpose purpose. The complete solution to the net application, the idea is as a chat application, such as creating and enter the cha...

mostra lcd

opihuhnlihiugi iput7yter6tdtrduygb  ouygftuyg8fyu8ughi8uguy  byuvguyguyfyf7ygfyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiu8tg8  vbp0ugighjhguoguoygiuhbipjnpoihpokhbijovgb ujhgvuhfvuygfyuguiyg8ug8iu  8yg8yufiug80g9ug  utguih...

Remote video surveillance system source code

Programs running under Windows 98/2000/XP/2003 platform, available at VC++6.0. NET debugging. Before commissioning, please install Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK....


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