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QoS of VoIP over wireless lan with ns2

VoIP is arapidly evolving technology that could possibly revolutionise the telecommunicationindustry.  When implemented on wirelessdata networks, VoIP could prove to be instrumental in the convergence ofexisting fixed and cellular telephony networks with the fast growing wired andwireless data...

19 taps DFF FFF design

Application background// Name:  Tam Nguyen, Long Pham, Thinh Le //Alu_structural Code `include "defines.v" `timescale 1ns/100ps module ALU_ARM7(Alu_A, Alu_B, Alu_C, Alu_Cntrl, Alu_Signals, Alu_Result); input [31:0] Alu_A, Alu_B; input  Alu_C; input [4:0] Alu_Cntrl; output [...

Call follow MGCP

Application backgroundSection shows and describes a call flow for a successful call using the Cisco ATA and MGCP. ThisNote: term Cisco ATA refers to both the Cisco ATA and 186 the Cisco ATA The 188, otherwise stated. unlessKey TechnologyC-1 on page C-2 illustrates a basic call flow between two Cisco...


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