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Huawei CNGP.CMPP.SGIP.CMPP source code....

java China Mobile cmpp3. 0 message programming interface

java China Mobile cmpp3. 0 message programming interface...

SMS platform CMPP30 JAVA procedures (including SQL database)

SMS platform CMPP30 JAVA procedures (including SQL database)...

-party manufacturers are required to be purchased

The system according to the standard SMS AT commands development, generally applicable to all kinds of mobile phones. To send and receive mobile phone text messages via cell phone data cable from the computer s serial port, run the software executable program can receive and send text messages to a....

GPRS module control

GPRS module control automatic adjusting parameters for tracking, control more accurate course and lots of debugging for automotive engineering, electrical controls and other...

SMS platform programming interface 04:40

SMS platform programming interface 04:40...


SMS platform for client-side API, and sample programs deployed in the windows platform and linux platform can be used to compile run myEclipse...


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