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QT video transmission

QT and c language similar to remote video transmission and control. Can be run on Linux and Windows systems. ARM9 hardware systems and USB camera to ensure the stable operation of the system can safely use the graduate design through...

OpenGL rendering image elements

This is what I wrote an OpenGL program to achieve the basic image elements to draw points, lines, surfaces, etc., can be controlled via the keyboard. Function is simple and clear, easy to understand the source code, suitable for beginners OpenGL for viewing....

Raindrops are falling into the pool of OpenGL examples

This is the environment in visual studio 2010 MFC-based realization of raindrops falling into the pool under opengl instance, a shining oh instance, the code is very wide, oh....

OpenGL is a small maze

Randomly generated a maze using two-dimensional arrays, with detailed notes by adjusting the first maze of constant you can adjust the number of rows and number of columns (must match, otherwise the result is ugly), and then use the stack out maze solution through OpenGL draw a maze...

Simple MFC Application for openGL (For Practice)

A simple MFC application for openGL, show how use opengl in MFC.This is a small openGL program , it intuitive shows the how use openGL in MFC, and it competed a simple function like Drawing in Windows, as well as shows the basis usage of 2d part of opengl....

opengl's entry-level examples of

opengl demoThis project is a perfect OpenGL demos, it is simple to understand, even if there is no learning OpenGL students were able to readBut it is fully functional, basic outlines the entire fixed rendering pipeline for OpenGL 3, including structures, camera control, model building, scene, and e...

OpenGL3.0+ for Games

Opengl 3.0 game programming, a number of related interactive, texture interface, application glew library implements the underlying API calls, scalable, part of the code from the Internet, there is a certain reference value, I do 3d development, that this resource is very good, You can learn the nex...

Coin3d and vc2008 development libraries

Coin3d suited vc2008 development libraries have been compiled, and instructions for use, simply unzip follow the steps to configure your environment to use...

Point cloud processing procedures

Read the program point cloud data, supports the overall or partial zoom, Pan, rotate, the source code is very well equipped, through commissioning, runs perfect, welcome everybody downloading!!!!!!!!!...

View3ds import 3ds format CNC machine tool model in the VC environment

This code saves the SolidWorks model of the CNC machine tools to the STL format, then use 3dmax software rendering machine, save and export as 3DS format file using view3ds convert 3ds format file. GL file and a. h files, to copy these two files to their own simulation environment, use code such as...

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